onsdag den 4. november 2009

Work that sailor shirt

The Breton stripe shirt (or the sailor shirt) originated in Brittany—a French province that occupies the peninsula between the English Channel and Bay of Biscay. The long-sleeved cotton garment usually has a boat neck and, traditionally, the stripes begin around the breastbone. Coco Chanel was the first designer to reinvent this shirt for women to wear. Today it's a must-have and it doesn't matter wether it's short, long, tight or loose. As long as you wear one, you're hot! Although this shirt is the perfect low-key option, remember it can also be dressed up with a skirt and a heel or tight knee-high boots for a sassy winter ensemble.
Pics from left: Alexa Chung, Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Elle MacPherson and Audrey Tautou from the movie Coco before Chanel.

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