tirsdag den 28. september 2010


Cheryl Cole, Vogue, October 2010.

lørdag den 25. september 2010

Giant sun powder from Gosh

I went to a local drug store before i left Denmark. Among the things I bought was this Giant Sun Powder from Gosh. I normally don't buy Gosh's products, for no other reason than being a sucker for Chanel's products.
Anyway the size of this one made me buy it + it's free of oils, waxes and perfumes. I paid 150 kr. (20 euro). I like the matt surface and the mirror inside. I hate when eye shadows ect. don't have a small mirror inside. The colour is light but richly pigmented. It's basiccaly a matallic gold/bronze shimmer. You will only need to apply a small amount and blend WELL. I do prefer to use this as a high lighter and not an all-over bronzer. And last but not least is this giant piece long lasting.

mandag den 20. september 2010

Miss Stone Heart

I went to H&M last week and got a beautiful grey nail varnish. The colour is light grey and goes well with my fall/winter wardrobe. H&M has changed the design of the containers. I like the new ones much better. They look less cheap.
I think they changed the formula. Somehow Miss Stone Heart is easier to apply. It is smooth and thin, but not too thin and it dries fast. It's worth trying their varnishes. If you don't like the colour or texture, you only paid 30 kr. If you love it, well then you got lucky for a few money.

(Sorry for not fixing my nails before taking the photo)

onsdag den 15. september 2010

Last week in Dk

Hi guys!
I've been busy the last week as I am moving to Israel next week to study and live with the boyf. It's not easy saying goodbye to beloved friends and family. I feel like I haven't said a proper goodbye to any. And then there is my closet. I have no idea how I'm gonna get everything in a suitcase and a handbag. Two friends will bring some stuff next month, but that's it. Guess I'll have to pay for overweight and maybe send something by air or ship later.

I've planned some future blog posts, I just haven't got the time yet. Anyway, I bought new make-up from M.A.C, I wanna test Barry M's eyeshadows (waterproof, how long they last ect.), low cost make-up brushes and tanning products.

lørdag den 11. september 2010

Streets of Copenhagen

Nelly. 22 years. Student. Suburbs.

onsdag den 8. september 2010

My new ring

Yesterday I got my ring from Sakdidet Road. I found it on oxideret.dk after hours of searching in Copenhagen for this ring and another ring from Sakdidet Road (#ADO0071), that I never found. Oxideret kindly sent me a card with a personal message. Thank you Camilla! Makes it so much more personal to shop online.
I really wanna buy this, this and this ring soon. Can someone please tell me where I can get them?! I even went to a local store and told them to check Sakdidet Road's rings out, just to get my hands on the rings. They seemed interested, but I'm moving to Tel Aviv in 2 weeks, so I wont benefit from it anyway.

tirsdag den 7. september 2010

New goodies from Barry M

Finally! Yesterday I received my order from Barry M.

The nail varnish Once Upon A Lifetime disappointed me. It looks really funky in the bottle. But in order to get enough glitter on the nails I had to dap the varnish on or apply 10 coats before the nail was more or less covered- where I need maximum 2 coats with Silver Cascade.
I tried to mix it with Barry M's Bright Purple, but that wasn't pretty.

The Glitter Shaker Pot in Brilliant Silver is amazing! Absolutely love it. You might want to put a napkin under the eye while applying the glitter, cause you litterally get glitter everywhere. I used Maybeline's waterproof Color Definer in 10 Fascination White as a primer, just to have something the glitter could stick to. I find it much easier to control the glitter by dapping it on to the lid. You can use it as a liner or to spice another shadow up (i.ex. fgd #1). I prefere to apply the foundation after the glitter, then it's easier to clean the area around the eyes.

The Dazzle Dust in Old Gold and the Fine Glitter Dust in Grey are a little easier to control, though I still had a lot of glitter on my cheeks after applying. Napkins! If you are wondering waht the difference between the DazzleDusts and Fine Glitter Dusts is, the FGD are much more sparkling/dazzling.

mandag den 6. september 2010

Streets of Copenhagen

Stina. 22 years. Student. Copenhagen.

søndag den 5. september 2010

Designers Remix Collection outlet

As promised I'm posting pictures from the Designers Remix outlet. Still have back problems after carrying big boxes up and down the stairs, but I sure had fun.

fredag den 3. september 2010

Rings from Sakdidet Road

I'm back from my job at Designers Remix Collection Outlet and I'm exhausted. My feet are nome, legs swollen and my back hurts. What women would do for clothes...

Anyway, I will upload pictures from my days there later. But for now you can check out these super trendy rings from Sakdidet Road. They are definitely a must have this fall. Excuse me for uploading photos of bad quality, but they were obviously taking through a window with my phone.