tirsdag den 7. september 2010

New goodies from Barry M

Finally! Yesterday I received my order from Barry M.

The nail varnish Once Upon A Lifetime disappointed me. It looks really funky in the bottle. But in order to get enough glitter on the nails I had to dap the varnish on or apply 10 coats before the nail was more or less covered- where I need maximum 2 coats with Silver Cascade.
I tried to mix it with Barry M's Bright Purple, but that wasn't pretty.

The Glitter Shaker Pot in Brilliant Silver is amazing! Absolutely love it. You might want to put a napkin under the eye while applying the glitter, cause you litterally get glitter everywhere. I used Maybeline's waterproof Color Definer in 10 Fascination White as a primer, just to have something the glitter could stick to. I find it much easier to control the glitter by dapping it on to the lid. You can use it as a liner or to spice another shadow up (i.ex. fgd #1). I prefere to apply the foundation after the glitter, then it's easier to clean the area around the eyes.

The Dazzle Dust in Old Gold and the Fine Glitter Dust in Grey are a little easier to control, though I still had a lot of glitter on my cheeks after applying. Napkins! If you are wondering waht the difference between the DazzleDusts and Fine Glitter Dusts is, the FGD are much more sparkling/dazzling.

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