lørdag den 30. maj 2009

Searching for the perfect McCartney dress

So, I've been looking for a dress like Stella McCartney's (below) for ages. Still haven't found the perfect look-alike, but this is what I've come up with so far. Not bad though. It looks great with jeans and a blazer, just to make the look less dazzling. The dress is from Saint Tropez.
Pic from net-a-porter.com

fredag den 29. maj 2009

By McCartney

The danish supermodel Helena Christensen looked sexy and classy in her nude paillette covered Stella McCartney dress. To garnish the outfit, Helena wore minimalistic jewelry and nude coloured heels to match.

This beaded mini dress is one fine example of McCartney’s craftsmanship. The racer-back taupe sleeveless dress is made from silk and covered in dome metal beads. It retails for $4,145 at net-a-porter.com Oh I really really want it to be mine!

onsdag den 27. maj 2009

Dreaming away...

This time a year is dedicated to exams. Not exactly what you wanna use your time on when the sun is shining, flowers are blossoming and everyone else seems to have a good time going to Tivoli, eating ice cream in Nyhavn or resting with a cold drink in one of the many parks in Copenhagen. I tend to dream away to places I've been or places I wanna go. Maybe you'll dream away too...
VietnamNha Trang, Vietnam Angkor Wat, Cambodia Rooftops, Rome
Tel Aviv, IsraelOn my way to work, DenmarkParisPhilippines

mandag den 25. maj 2009

J. Dauphin Jewellery

Johanna Dauphin
I just discovered this French-Swedish brand. J Dauphin was created with an ambition to make genuine pieces with premium materials and traditional craftsmanship from France and Italy. The designer, Johanna Dauphin, was born in Sweden and grew up surrounded by fashion and creativity in a family of painters, designers and artists. Her grandfather, Eric Skoglund, the Swedish icon of gentlemen sartorial, introduced fashion, luxury and custom made thinking at an early stage in her life. J Dauphin has been selected of several International stars and has already got attention in Vogue, Elle, WWD and Harper’s bazaar. The spring summer 2009 she won the Berlin “premium fashion award” for the best new accessory designer. Today the collection can be found in around 100 of the most selective multi brand stores in the countries: USA, Canada, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK and France.

I love the cigarette!

lørdag den 23. maj 2009

Evelyn Siatra

I found Evelyn Siatra on one of my fave fashionistas website senseofashion.com. All her creations are all one-of-a-kind handmade accessories including shrugs, scarves, hats, capelets and bags. I love her hand-knitted sandals! I cheated a bit and found the following text and interview on senseofashion.com:

Evelyn Siatra, 43, makes these crochet sandals under the self explanatory name of Creations by Eve. She comes from the “beautiful small town of Alexandroupolis”, in the north of Greece, but is currently living in Athens. Eve was taught how to crochet by her mother, when she was very young.“I began playing with yarn making clothes for my dolls,” she tells Sense of Fashion “then later, in high school, I learnt knitting and it has grown into a passion. Some months ago I stumbled onto felting and I was amazed by this wonderful craft.

What’s your favorite material? Wool and silk.
Success in what country would be most flattering to you? Having my creations shipped to the four corners of the world makes me very happy. That’s the magic of the internet!
What’s your favorite magazine? Elle.
What have you been listening to lately? I love ethnic music.
Which actress would you most want to wear your art? Sara Jessica Parker. She’s my style idol.
Which 3 accessories of yours did you wear the most this past year? My scarves, bags and sandals.

Photo courtesy: Evelyn Siatra

fredag den 22. maj 2009

Lucy Love

Lucy Love is the only Danish interpreter of the dirty London-sound Grime. She worked with producer Joakim (Yo a kim) Hjejle on her new album Superbillion. She has a unique style, very artistic, that really inspires me. The sunglasses she is wearing in the video "Daddy was a DJ" caught my eyes. I found some similar in Marc Jacobs Fall 09 collection.
Find Lucy Love on Myspace and youtube

torsdag den 21. maj 2009

Paintings of Randi

I just went through some pictures from last summer and came across some paintings a friend of mine made, Randi. Randi Jensen Cohen is a great artist who paints beautiful pictures mainly on canvas. She's inspired of urban life (she lived in Tel Aviv, now Hong Kong) and nature or a contrast of the two. I love the colors and the childish style she has (i.e. the dog below).
Some of my faves

Liberty Fabric

Summer and flowers go hand in hand. That's probably why I can't get enough of the London based Liberty Fabric company. The prints are designed by a wonderful artist named Tana Lawn, who has kept the traditional Art Nouveau prints while also modernizing the pattern offering with a more playful aesthetic.
Nike teamed up with Liberty on the Dunk High. For the ladies out there who have been looking for these, you can find them at nikestore.com.

From the runway

H&M teamed up with Liberty and made these ballerinas

Chunky vintage bangles from Liberty.

mandag den 18. maj 2009

Depeche Mode 'Tour of the Universe'

A true fan

I told you a couple of months ago, that I had tickets to Depeche Mode. The gig was on May 10 in Ramat Gan, Israel. Woooooooow what a show! These guys don't need any dirty-dancing girls, fireworks or endless series of dance moves. These guys are simply enough. Dave Gahan sure knows how to capture the audience. I can go on and on and on, so I'll just show you some pictures and videos from the concert (below). The show was critizied for not having screens enough or big enough and the audience in the far end of the stadium had difficulties with the sound. Fortunately Shai and I were standing in one of the front rows and we had no problems with the sound, which was great, and could see the stage perfectly (accept when some fans decided to sit on their friends' shoulders).

Dead Sea Products

Things I HAVE TO buy when visiting Israel, are Dead Sea products. I'm addicted to them and they cost nothing compared to the prices in Denmark (which make them great presents aswell). Some of my fave products are the little hand cream from 'Sea of Spa' that will keep your hands soft all day. Facial Mud Mask from 'Sea of Spa'. Aromatic Body Oil (Lavender Patchouli) from 'Health and Beauty' is a must-have for girls- the lovely scent stays on all day. Obliphicha body cream from 'Health and Beauty', Facial Cleansing Milk and Makeup Remover from 'Health and Beauty' easily takes off ALL the dirt and makeup. And Multi-Vitamin Cream SPF-20 from 'Health and Beauty'. All the products are enriched with Dead Sea minerals, vitamins and some of them even protects your skin against the sun. If you suffer from psoriasis, these products are worth trying. Try the Dead Sea Mineral Mud from 'Pure mineral'.

søndag den 17. maj 2009

Terry Poison

Photo courtesy: Dudi Hasson and Terry Poison
Terry Poison is a cool girlband from Israel who has taken Paris and other european cities with storm. The sound is broken electro/pop/rock, which wont let you sit down for a moment. They performed at Depeche Mode's "Tour of the Universe" concert in Israel on May 10 this year. The band's live show was provocative, up-tempo and entertaining. Their style is unique, a little crazy, but it sure keeps your eyes on them; the leadsinger Louise was wearing a way too short pink dress and a "bambi" balloon on her head at the DM gig :-) Hope to party with them someday- soon!

"No doubt: This is the most 'in your face' experience in the local pop scene since one can remember. If you still don't know who Terry poison is you better hurry up. Good chance they wont be here for long. After three years of plowing deep into all of Tel Aviv's clubs, the band is launching their first tour abroad". Leora Shoster, At Woman Magazine 2006
Louise Kahn: Vocals, Guitar
Petite Meller: Vocals in French, Keyboards
Gili Saar: Backing vocals and keyboards
Bruno Grife: Production, Synthe Bass and Sampler
Anna Landesman: Rythem guitar
Issar Tenenbaum: drums

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/terrypoisonmusic

onsdag den 6. maj 2009


Photo courtesy: LG
Since my 4 kg. laptop doesn't make travelling every month any easier and bringing the com to my university is a no-go, I figured I had to have one of those ultra small laptops, a notebook. But finding one isn't all that easy, when you know almost zero about computers. Luckily my boyfriend is a bit of a geek with computers and electronics. He made me a checklist of all the things I should check when shopping for a notebook (below). I bought a LG X110 in baby pink with a white keynoard. The size of the screen is 10" and the weight is only 1.19 kg.

Things to look for when buying a notebook:

  • Min. 1024 (1GB) RAMOpstilling med punkttegn
  • Operating system: Windows XP- NOT Vista since it's too heavy a system for a notebook
  • Harddisk: 20 GB if you only wanna use it for docs. 160+ GB for docs, music etc.
  • Slots/battery: the more slots it has, the better
  • An intern memory card reader. If it doesn't have, you can buy an extern.
  • Speakers
  • Intern wifi
  • USB "holes"
  • Warranty. By law, you have two years in Denmark. Some places might try to cheat you and sell you the two years. So check the rules of your country
  • Windows Office, always great to have
  • The weight
  • Webcam. A webcam takes up space on your com. Make sure wether you need it or not.
  • Bluetooth, if needed
  • Computerbag. Most of them aren't included

Well known notebooks: HP Pavillion, HP Compaq, Acer Aspire, Dell Latitude.

mandag den 4. maj 2009

Polish them up!

It's summertime and it's time to show of your nails on hands and feet. This year it's all about colors. Anything goes. Some of my fave colors for the summer are: Chanel: Cassis and Organdy. H&M: Fashionista and Dashing Diva.
Here's a video I found on youtube by julieg713 of how to give yourself a manicure. Don't always have nail polish on your nails. It keeps them looking healthy and naturally beautiful and it avoids staining.