mandag den 18. maj 2009

Dead Sea Products

Things I HAVE TO buy when visiting Israel, are Dead Sea products. I'm addicted to them and they cost nothing compared to the prices in Denmark (which make them great presents aswell). Some of my fave products are the little hand cream from 'Sea of Spa' that will keep your hands soft all day. Facial Mud Mask from 'Sea of Spa'. Aromatic Body Oil (Lavender Patchouli) from 'Health and Beauty' is a must-have for girls- the lovely scent stays on all day. Obliphicha body cream from 'Health and Beauty', Facial Cleansing Milk and Makeup Remover from 'Health and Beauty' easily takes off ALL the dirt and makeup. And Multi-Vitamin Cream SPF-20 from 'Health and Beauty'. All the products are enriched with Dead Sea minerals, vitamins and some of them even protects your skin against the sun. If you suffer from psoriasis, these products are worth trying. Try the Dead Sea Mineral Mud from 'Pure mineral'.

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