mandag den 25. maj 2009

J. Dauphin Jewellery

Johanna Dauphin
I just discovered this French-Swedish brand. J Dauphin was created with an ambition to make genuine pieces with premium materials and traditional craftsmanship from France and Italy. The designer, Johanna Dauphin, was born in Sweden and grew up surrounded by fashion and creativity in a family of painters, designers and artists. Her grandfather, Eric Skoglund, the Swedish icon of gentlemen sartorial, introduced fashion, luxury and custom made thinking at an early stage in her life. J Dauphin has been selected of several International stars and has already got attention in Vogue, Elle, WWD and Harper’s bazaar. The spring summer 2009 she won the Berlin “premium fashion award” for the best new accessory designer. Today the collection can be found in around 100 of the most selective multi brand stores in the countries: USA, Canada, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK and France.

I love the cigarette!

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