tirsdag den 29. december 2009

Gilbert and George

How can you not like the whaky world of these two men? I don't wish to say a lot about them. Just look at their pictures and be inspired. "Art for all" is the belief that underpins Gilbert and George's art. Their trademark is the large grid, a square picture broken into sections that becomes a unified field of signs and images. They became famous for their living sculptures and films where they appeared themselves. They met each other at St. Martins in London and later said it was love at first sight. They got married in 2008. Notice the name of the pictures such as "our spunk" and "shitted". To see some of their movies or interviews, just youtube them.

søndag den 27. december 2009

Dazzling new years make-up videos

Somehow my youtube downloading program doesn't work anymore. I wanted to show you some fun and dazzling new years make-up from QueenofBlendingMUA and Pixiwoo. Enter the followung link to watch the videos:

Barry M has some great low price glitter and shimmer products. Have fun creating your ultimate new years look!

mandag den 21. december 2009

Brittany Murphy 1977-2009

Things like this just make you wonder how easily a life can end. The famous Hollywood actrss Brittany Murphy was found dead by her mom this sunday in her home. She was only 32 years old.The pictures are from the 1st of December 2009- she looks so alive, who would have guessed that her life was soon to end. She died in her bathtub. Cause of death is yet to be determined, but Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told the Associated Press: "It appears to be natural." Full results will not be known until an autopsy is performed, and experts are looking into her medical records and toxicology reports. R.I.P.

Brittany Murphy starred in films such as Clueless, Girl Interrupted, 8 Mile, Sin City, Happy Feet, and Riding in Cars with Boys, and performed vocals on a range of films. She and Paul Oakenfold had a number one dance music hit in the United States in 2006.


Looking for something fun to wear? Gal Stern creates the most creative tights. Perfect for Decembers parties. Photo courtesy Gal Stern.

onsdag den 16. december 2009

Silver and lepard

Dress from Vila, tights from H&M and ankle boots from H&M.

søndag den 13. december 2009

Nelly's Delhi in The Huftington Post

One of the founders of Sense of fashion wrote an article in The Huftington Post with the title "What to wear-  Youc an never be overdressed". She mentioned me :-) Take a look yourself by entering this link.

tirsdag den 8. december 2009

Find your dazzling christmas and new years dress on ASOS.com

It's that time a year, the time of endless parties. I had my share of it last week when my studies (science of religion) had a christmas dinner plus party at the university. But what do you wear to the parties of the season? Well I'm always going for something dazzling- I love loads of glittery things and think it brings something fun to the otherwise dark and dull weather. Here are some dresses that I would wear and to make it a little easier for you, I found them all on ASOS.com, which by the way is an amazing place for shopping. Since the dresses are short, I would pair them with high heels and I would wear the strapless with a blazer.
Pics: 1)Whistles Sequin Body Con Dress £210.00 2-3)ASOS Mermaid One Shoulder Sequin Dress £45.00 and Mango Nude Ruffle Sequinned Dress £119.00 4)Vila Sequin Scoop Back Dress 45£ 5-6) Reiss Wren Sequin Covered Dress £149.00 and I lost track of this dress on ASOS, sorry 7) Lipsy Sequin Bustier Bandeau Dress £85.00 8-9) Lipsy One Shoulder Triangular Sequin Dress £65.00 and Lipsy Two Tone Sequin Bandeau Dress £100.00 10)Mango Sequin One Shoulder Dress £119.00 11)Forever Unique Sequin Zig Zag Dress £200.00 12)ASOS black Fitted Piped Gold & Black Jacquard Dress £85.00

Nelly's Delhi loves Decadent

I went to Magasin in Copenahgen today and found some lovely bags from Decadent to add to my wishlist. Designer Karina Mundt founded Decadent in May 2005 and the first bag, the basic working bag from the 70´ties, was launched in August the same year. The company has expanded from it early beginning from only carrying one style, to now having a complete collection. The company is owned and run by Karina Mundt. The brand has secured a solid position and a strong image mainly in Denmark, but also available in cosmopolitans as Paris and Amsterdam. Offered in selected multi brand shops and high end department stores and is growing rapidly. The growth in 2009 is expected to be more than 50% and the ambitions for further growth are high

mandag den 7. december 2009

Passion Pit - The Reeling

Having a problem with blogger as it wont upload pics. Says it the's wrong type of file or too big, but doesn't matter what kind of pic I try to upload (I even tried with pics I've uploaded before). So for now, enjoy this video from Passion Pit called The Reeling. I love the styling of teh people in the video. The girl has the coolest outfit with leather jacket, black boots and glittering leggings. Notice the girl with the silver top, black vest and a ghettoblaster necklace. Too cool for school :-)

onsdag den 2. december 2009

Nelly's Delhi Loves Bochic

Do you wanna look like like the stars? Then you should get your hands on one of the pieces from Bochic. A-lists such as Michelle Obama, Siena Miller, Eva Mendes, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie are wearing the latest design from the American Salat and British Joseph.

According to Joseph, the inspiration for the line was born while on vacation with Salat several years ago. "Bochic is the spirit of the bohemian chic woman -- it's the woman who travels to a lot of destinations, and it's someone who has an adventurous spirit. It's the jewelry she might find at the places she travels to or that she wears while traveling. She's not going to put in a safe -- she's going to wear it. It's all fine jewelry but it has more of a fashion element." Oh my, sounds just like me!

tirsdag den 1. december 2009

HIV campaign

A friend of mine has designed a new campaign against HIV in Israel. Michelle is currently studing visual communication/Graphic designer at Avni Institute in Tel Aviv/Yafo. The campaign is a part of a project the students at the Avni Institute got. When asked what the thoughts behind the picture were, she said "I thought that having sex without a condom is the same as suicide".
Michelle and her fellow students' pictures are published at http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3808634,00.html

mandag den 30. november 2009

Dea Kudebal outlet in Copenhagen today and tomorow

Photo courtesy Dea Kudibal
Husk Dea Kudibal julelagersalg idag & imorgen fra kl. 14.00-18.00. Vi glæder os til at se jer :-) Herluf Trolles Gade 23 - 1052 Kbh. K

English:The Danish Designer Dea Kudibal is having a christmas outlet today and tomorrow in Copenhagen from 14.00-18.00. Address: Herluf Trolles Gade 23 - 1052 Kbh.K

Kudibal was founded by Dea Kudibal in 2003 and the beautiful designs are now sold in 200 stores in 12 different countries. You can find Kudibal at Illum’s in Copenhagen, Le bon Marché in Paris, Isetan and Takashimaya in Tokyo and Neiman Marcus in the US. The philosphy behind Kudibal is to design feminine clothes with “an edge” which can be used for many different occasions. Drape yourself in a shawl over an evening dress or envelope yourself in its warmth in the cold of winter. Dress up a Kudibal summer dress with high heels and accessories. Or wear it casually with flat sandals hanging loose. In Kudibal’s collections you will find unique prints, fine knitwear as well as beautiful colour combinations. The designer, Dea Kudibal, always uses natural fibres such as wool, cashmere, silk, cotton & viscose.
Social responsibility is important to Kudibal. Dea Kudibal visits all production sites several times a year to make sure that the working conditions are acceptable.

Link to previous post about Dea Kudibal on Nelly's Delhi: http://nellysdelhi.blogspot.com/2009/03/dea-kudibals-scarves-and-shawls.html

torsdag den 26. november 2009

Sophie Lancaster

Today it's Sophie Lancaster's birthday. The Murder of Sophie Lancaster was a murder case in the United Kingdom in 2007. The victim was brutally attacked along with her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, while walking through Stubbylee Park in Bacup, Rossendale in Lancashire. As a result of her severe head injuries she went into a coma, never regained consciousness, and later died. The police said the attack may have been provoked by the couple wearing gothic fashion and being members of the goth subculture.

While returning home, Lancaster and Maltby were subjected to a "vicious mob attack" from "a large group of people" between 01:10 hours and 01:20 hours on Saturday, 11 August 2007, at the skate park area of Stubbylee Park, Bacup. The couple were walking home and came across a group of teenagers at the entrance to the park. The group followed them, but there was no trouble until some of them suddenly assaulted Robert Maltby without provocation. When he was knocked unconscious the gang attacked Sophie Lancaster, who was trying to protect him by cradling him in her arms. A 15-year-old witness told police: "They were running over and just kicking her in the head and jumping up and down on her head." One distraught witness used a mobile to call for emergency services saying: "We need... we need an ambulance at Bacup Park, this mosher has just been banged because he’s a mosher." Witnesses revealed that afterwards: "The killers celebrated their attack on the goths — or "moshers" - by telling friends afterwards that they had, "done summat [something] good," and claiming: "There's two moshers nearly dead up Bacup park — you wanna see them — they're a right mess." The injured couple were assisted by some of the teenagers who called emergency services, and then stayed with the couple and tried to tend their wounds. At the trial they were commended by the judge.

Police said soon afterwards it was, "a sustained attack during the course of which the pair received serious head injuries and their faces were so swollen we could not ascertain which one was female and which one was male." Both were hospitalised as a result of the attack, initially at Rochdale Infirmary. Maltby's injuries left him in a coma with bleeding on the brain, but he gradually recovered over the next two weeks. Lancaster, in a deep coma, was moved to Fairfield Hospital in Bury, then to the Neurology unit at Hope Hospital in Salford. It became clear to hospital staff she would not recover from her injuries, and on 24 August 2007 her family agreed to switch off life support and she died. (From Wikipedia).

Take your time and watch the video 'Dark Angel' on the website of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation http://www.sophielancasterfoundation.com/. In tribute to Sophie, Illamasqua has commissioned ‘Dark Angel’ – a short film by award-winning French director, Fursy Teyssier. that’s a haunting rendition of Sophie’s story, featuring the music of iconic British band, Portishead.The aim of the film is to raise awareness of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and generate £500,000 to help educate young people about tolerance. Since Sophie’s death, the Foundation has been working with behavioural experts Huthwaite International, to put together an interactive youth workshop that does just that.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SophieFoundation

søndag den 22. november 2009

Winter notes

Pic1: Vest from kvickly (a real bargain), silk blouse from Designers Remix Collection, dress from H&M, leggings with zippers from H&M, faux snake stilettos from Zara and necklace from shuk haCarmel in Tel Aviv.
Pic2: Same clothes as pic1, but the rubber boots are from Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk, wool coat from InWear and bag from H&M.

lørdag den 21. november 2009


Photo courtesy Oh!Nena
As I told you before, the fashionable head bands don't really suit me. I think the shape of my head turns into some weird pear shape or something. Anyway, that doesn't stop me from admiring other people wearing them or the many designs there is out there. A fellow blogger, Travinia, posted pictures of Oh!Nena's creative head bands/head gear, and I thought I wanted to share them with you too.
The team behind Oh!Nena is thë three Venezuelan girls Daniela Ordonez, andrea Moreno and Valentina Alvarado. Every piece is named after a girl. The trio say they were inspired to give the pieces a girl's name after listening to the group Boom Boom Clan.
What makes each of the pieces to die for is the extravagant quality of the designs. Oh!Nena accessories are romantic and eye-catching and definitely a perfect way to bring any outfit to the next level. Unfortunately Oh!Nena is only available in Venezuela :-(