tirsdag den 8. december 2009

Nelly's Delhi loves Decadent

I went to Magasin in Copenahgen today and found some lovely bags from Decadent to add to my wishlist. Designer Karina Mundt founded Decadent in May 2005 and the first bag, the basic working bag from the 70´ties, was launched in August the same year. The company has expanded from it early beginning from only carrying one style, to now having a complete collection. The company is owned and run by Karina Mundt. The brand has secured a solid position and a strong image mainly in Denmark, but also available in cosmopolitans as Paris and Amsterdam. Offered in selected multi brand shops and high end department stores and is growing rapidly. The growth in 2009 is expected to be more than 50% and the ambitions for further growth are high

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  1. those are amazing


    love them definitely

    especially the first one and the studded one!!!




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