mandag den 21. december 2009

Brittany Murphy 1977-2009

Things like this just make you wonder how easily a life can end. The famous Hollywood actrss Brittany Murphy was found dead by her mom this sunday in her home. She was only 32 years old.The pictures are from the 1st of December 2009- she looks so alive, who would have guessed that her life was soon to end. She died in her bathtub. Cause of death is yet to be determined, but Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told the Associated Press: "It appears to be natural." Full results will not be known until an autopsy is performed, and experts are looking into her medical records and toxicology reports. R.I.P.

Brittany Murphy starred in films such as Clueless, Girl Interrupted, 8 Mile, Sin City, Happy Feet, and Riding in Cars with Boys, and performed vocals on a range of films. She and Paul Oakenfold had a number one dance music hit in the United States in 2006.

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