mandag den 26. oktober 2009

Brunch in Copenhagen

My family loves dining out. We spend most weekends eating, eating a lot! This weekend we went to Huks Fluks in Copenhagen, a bistro with a french soul. Great dishes and helpfull staff. Me and my mom had the brunch plate. It was small but the food was great. International guests are dining there aswell.
On sunday we had brunch at one of our favorite brunch places, Marriott in Copenhagen. Enjoy an authentic Danish brunch with American flair. The brunch has all your heart desires; seafood, meat, fruit, cakes, champagne... It is probably the biggest brunch in Copenhagen! At their private signature venue you can celebrate with smaller parties. It is possible to sit outside in the summertime- great view to the waterfront and Islands Brygge. International guests and Danish aswell as International a-lists are dining here. Brunch on saturdays and sundays from 12. 250 kr. per person. It is worth all the money, just call them before and make sure you get a window seat.
Pictures: 1-2: Huks Fluks. 3-4: Terrano restaurant at Marriott. 5: The private room for smaller parties at Marriott. The pics are kindly borrowed from Marriott's website, except the one that is obviously my own.

lørdag den 24. oktober 2009

The Knife

Yesterday a friend of mine introduced me to the Swedish band The Knife. The band consists of Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer Andersson. They are based in Stockholm, Sweden and have made music together since 1999, released on their own label Rabid Records. The Knife wrote Heartbeats, the song covered by José Gonzales in the Sony Bravia ‘Bouncing balls’ commercial. The two versions are as different as they can get. I think I like José Gonzales acoustic version the most. I like it's just him and his guitar, the honesty, the slow mood... It's such a beautiful song/music. But the original by The knife has it's own unique sound. There is something fragile about Karin Dreijer Andersson's voice,something quite special. Well, judge by yourself:

fredag den 23. oktober 2009

Organic make-up

Visit Denmark's biggest eco-friendly beauty shop and pharmacy Pureshop in Grønnegade 31 and 36 in Copenhagen. Find brands such as The Organic Pharmacy, Suki skin care, Logona, Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Jane Iredale make-up, Organic Glam, John Masters Organics, Nascent, Bio Beauté by Nuxe, Huiles Et Baumes, Florascent, Anthousa and more.
They now have a 20% off on John Masters Organics and Dr. Hauschka.

What women do...

Argh! Two weeks ago my mom went to a Tommy Hilfiger outlet and spoke with two women, who told her, the Danish brand By Malene Birger was going to have an outlet on the 23rd and 24th of October in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. My mom and I packed our bags with tea, hot choco, a magazine, iPod... to kill the time while waiting for the doors to open. My dad dropped us off at 6:30. The place was dark, but we didn't think much about it, since the doors first opened at 8. 40 minutes went by without a trace of a ready-to-kill-for-cheap-designer-clothes woman or a piece of faboules clothes. We figured we better take a walk around the building before calling my dad. Nothing. While sitting there we felt a little like the homeless people passing by or one of the promiscuous women in the area- it isn't exactly a "pleasentville" part of the city. Though we felt a little stupid we still laughed all the time sitting there, thinking what women wont do in order to get a some discount on clothes. Well, me and my mom would wake up very very early and sit in a dark and very cold place- alone. Hahahaha... Happy hunt!

lørdag den 10. oktober 2009


Today is the day me and my family are heading to Egypt. Woke up early (6:30) to drive up north where my granparents live. They are dog sitting my little Molly while I'm in Egypt. I still haven't packed (!?!?!?!) but spent some time applying the Silvercascade nail polish (picture). Love it!

Have a great weekend!

P.S here it is on my toes (outside the pyramids in Giza, Cairo):

fredag den 9. oktober 2009

Online again

My internet has been down most of the week, so excuse me for not posting the promised picture of Barry M's Silver Cascade. So far this week has been busy; I've been at the university, working and I was so lucky to get an extra job at Designers Remix outlet yesterday and the day before yesterday. I got a lot of clothes instead of money, plus I got 50 % discount on the stuff I bought. I worked there with five friends of mine, so though we were very busy it was mostly fun. I'm going to Egypt with my family tomorrow and I still haven't packed. I've simply been too busy and too tired. I managed to put some new dresses in teh suitcase this evening, but that'a all so far. Getting tired, just have to finish this episode of Sex and the city.


onsdag den 7. oktober 2009

Designers Remix Lagersalg

Designers Remix holder lagersalg! Jeg skal arbejde der i dag fra 9-16. Yuhuu!!! Kollektionsprøver og gamle varer sættes ned med op til 80%. Der vil være en "hurtig kasse" til kontant betaling men vi tager også dankort.

Starttidspunkt:7. oktober 2009 kl. 11:00
Sluttidspunkt:8. oktober 2009 kl. 19:00
Sted:KFUM Huset
Gade:St. Kannikestræde 19, 2 sal
By:København, Denmark

søndag den 4. oktober 2009

My summer in Israel

Just want to share my love for Israel with you. These pics are from my summer holiday in Israel. Most of the pics are from Tel Aviv, but you'll find a few pics from Jordan too. My good friend Ori Toledano is singing the first song in the video. You can catch him on his website or youtube channel. Enjoy!

lørdag den 3. oktober 2009

I won! I won! I won!

Rijah, from Polishign the nails!, is a fellow blogger who has a passion for/obsession with nail polish. She gave away three colors from Barry M: Silver Cascade, Aqua Green and Violet Gold Shimmer. I won the lovely Silver Cascade. So excited! Can't wait to apply it. Thank you Rijah for having this giveaway I will upload a picture of my nails as soon as I have applied the varnish.
Photo courtesy: Rijah

Outfit of the day

Rainy days can't stop me from wearing my dresses and ballerinas! This is the dress from "Searching for the perfect McCartney dress". Though it's fall, you can still wear your fancy dresses. Just pair them with jeans. Great for a casual, yet classy look.
1) Dress from Saint Tropez, 2) blazer from InWear, 3) jeans leggings from Gina Tricot, 4) bag from H&M, 5) Ballerinas from Vila.

This week's most played songs on my Ipod

Depeche Mode is probably my favorite band. I went to the band's concert in Israel in May and, as already mentioned, I'm going to an "intimate concert" in February here in Denmark. And then there is the oriental music. I love oriental music (arabic, hebrew and turkish) and this week I've been listening a lot to Nancy Ajram. The songs are not new, I just like them because they match my mood. Different times, different songs. When not listening to factory-pop/rock or oriental music, I enjoy chill out and lounge music. Hed Kandi and Buddha Bar have a lot of great music on their albums. Tune in on my youtube profile to check out my playlists and live shows (Depeche Mode, Eyal Golan, As in RebekkaMaria...).

Depeche Mode: In sympathy

Depeche Mode: It's no good

Depeche Mode: Fragile Tension

Depeche Mode: Never let me down again

Nancy Ajram: Lawn Einouk

Nancy Ajram: Ya tabtab

Bon Iver: Skinny love

Lukas Greenberg: What a day