lørdag den 3. oktober 2009

This week's most played songs on my Ipod

Depeche Mode is probably my favorite band. I went to the band's concert in Israel in May and, as already mentioned, I'm going to an "intimate concert" in February here in Denmark. And then there is the oriental music. I love oriental music (arabic, hebrew and turkish) and this week I've been listening a lot to Nancy Ajram. The songs are not new, I just like them because they match my mood. Different times, different songs. When not listening to factory-pop/rock or oriental music, I enjoy chill out and lounge music. Hed Kandi and Buddha Bar have a lot of great music on their albums. Tune in on my youtube profile to check out my playlists and live shows (Depeche Mode, Eyal Golan, As in RebekkaMaria...).

Depeche Mode: In sympathy

Depeche Mode: It's no good

Depeche Mode: Fragile Tension

Depeche Mode: Never let me down again

Nancy Ajram: Lawn Einouk

Nancy Ajram: Ya tabtab

Bon Iver: Skinny love

Lukas Greenberg: What a day

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