mandag den 26. oktober 2009

Brunch in Copenhagen

My family loves dining out. We spend most weekends eating, eating a lot! This weekend we went to Huks Fluks in Copenhagen, a bistro with a french soul. Great dishes and helpfull staff. Me and my mom had the brunch plate. It was small but the food was great. International guests are dining there aswell.
On sunday we had brunch at one of our favorite brunch places, Marriott in Copenhagen. Enjoy an authentic Danish brunch with American flair. The brunch has all your heart desires; seafood, meat, fruit, cakes, champagne... It is probably the biggest brunch in Copenhagen! At their private signature venue you can celebrate with smaller parties. It is possible to sit outside in the summertime- great view to the waterfront and Islands Brygge. International guests and Danish aswell as International a-lists are dining here. Brunch on saturdays and sundays from 12. 250 kr. per person. It is worth all the money, just call them before and make sure you get a window seat.
Pictures: 1-2: Huks Fluks. 3-4: Terrano restaurant at Marriott. 5: The private room for smaller parties at Marriott. The pics are kindly borrowed from Marriott's website, except the one that is obviously my own.

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