fredag den 16. juli 2010

Hippie glam

Dress from Allenby street in Tel Aviv (60 nis), gladiators from H&M 09 (179 kr.), bag from Zara (bought on sale for 10 euro), hat from Zara male, earrings from Pilgrim, necklace from Shuk haCarmel in Tel Aviv (10 nis) and bangles from C&A (9 euro).

tirsdag den 13. juli 2010

The streets of Copenhagen

I stole the following pictures from Copenhagen Street Style. Cheers to black and leopard on a rainy day in July.

lørdag den 10. juli 2010

Cool all-around summer outfit

Get a cool all-around summer look with a shirtless tee and ripped denim shorts. If you have a low budget, find an old shirt and a pair of jeans and start cutting and ripping. For a day time look pair the outfit with flip flops or last years must have gladiators or ballerinas for a more classique look. Slip into some sexy heels and a clutch for a cool night time look. Add color by applaying a nail varnish in a bright red, yellow or orange.

1: grey Brasil Havainanas 20 2: Lucy patent ballerina pumps 18 £ 3: Asos Harry Leather Woven Platform Cross-Over Sandal 55 £ 4: Gladiators from H&M 79.95 kr. 5: Wedges from H&M 179 kr. 6: Antik Batik Tipi Beaded Cuffed Flat Sandal 135 £.

mandag den 5. juli 2010

Yellow nails

Get the look of the stars with H&M's yellow nail varnish Being on the A-list (the name sure fits). If you have a nice tan worked out and dare to try a more "aggressive" colour, then coat your nails in a neon yellow. Try Essie's Neon Collection. Make sure to use a top coat or else the neon colours will look matte and dull.

lørdag den 3. juli 2010


Beyoncé's new music video Why don't you love me?, gives me a great lot of inspiration. The video is directed by Melina Matsoukas (Rihanna's Rude Boy) and Beyoncé herself. It's Beyoncé on the edge of a nervous breakdown. We see grainy film stock giving off the '70s-exploitation vibe. Beyoncé in full pinup outfit, smoking and drinking dirty martinis and gardening in heels minis- oh we love it! I like the colours, the hair, the make-up, the accesories, the way it's filmed as if it was a movie from the 60s. I could go on forever. Anyway, when I first saw the video, my tellie was on mute and I fell in love with it. It has some wonderful stills.Take a look yourself.

Emporio Armani Caffé

When I was in Paris in May, Emporio Armani was opening a fashionable café in the Saint Germain area.