lørdag den 10. juli 2010

Cool all-around summer outfit

Get a cool all-around summer look with a shirtless tee and ripped denim shorts. If you have a low budget, find an old shirt and a pair of jeans and start cutting and ripping. For a day time look pair the outfit with flip flops or last years must have gladiators or ballerinas for a more classique look. Slip into some sexy heels and a clutch for a cool night time look. Add color by applaying a nail varnish in a bright red, yellow or orange.

1: grey Brasil Havainanas 20 2: Lucy patent ballerina pumps 18 £ 3: Asos Harry Leather Woven Platform Cross-Over Sandal 55 £ 4: Gladiators from H&M 79.95 kr. 5: Wedges from H&M 179 kr. 6: Antik Batik Tipi Beaded Cuffed Flat Sandal 135 £.

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