søndag den 29. marts 2009

Bronx Shoes

Bronx has some great shoes for the spring/summer this year. I found some really cute and cool flat sandals in leather, perfect for my upcoming holiday with my boyfriend in Rome. Unfortunately I couldn't download a picture of them. Take a look yourself: http://www.bronxshoes.com/

fredag den 27. marts 2009

Linda Andrews

The Danish winner of X-Factor 2009, Linda Andrews. Congratulations! She has an amazing voice and knows how to capture her audience. Wish you all the best in the future!

onsdag den 25. marts 2009

Feminine sports gear

If you aren't boring, why should your sports gear be? I never liked sports gear, especially not the shoes. But that was until my parents came back from Miami with a funky pair of Nike's. They definitely make it more exciting to get ready for the gym. Stella McCartney has been designing clothes for Adidas for a couple of years. I like her collections because she knows how to make us look more feminine when running, swimming, jumping around etc. She says, on Adidas's website, that she was inspired by Edwardian embroidery and vintage lingerie. Take a look:

My shoes from Nike

mandag den 23. marts 2009

Café Norden, Copenhagen

The first two floors belong to the café
One of my favorite cafés in Copenhagen is Café Norden. It has a great location in the heart of the city close to many tourist attractions and with a view to Amagertorv, Storkespringvandet, Højbro Plads and the famous shopping street Strøget. It's a beautiful old building and the area itself is the oldest part of Copenhagen (12th century). Enjoy a nice brunch or one of the fantastic cakes (try the carrot cake with vanilla cream) on one of the two floors. I prefer one of the window seats with soft cushions on the second floor. The café also has tables outside, which is great when the sun is shining and you can look at all the people passing by- or be seen ;-) Café Norden is not cheap. I guess you pay for the trendy location, but you do get some big plates and I always enjoy eating there.

fredag den 20. marts 2009

Iconic scarf

Kate Moss was first spotted with the Louis Vuitton leopard print Stephen Sprouse scarf in London in January. Since then Keira Knightley, Ashley and Jessica Simpson, Sienna Miller, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mary-Kate Olsen have been spotted wearing one of these wonders as well. The leopard-print scarf comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Unfortunately this iconic scarf was only made in a limited edition and was sold out instantly all over the world. Damn!

Dea Kudibal's scarves and shawls

Dea Kudibal is a danish designer. She founded Kudibal in 2003 and her designs are now sold in 200 stores in 12 different countries. You can find Kudibal at Illum’s in Copenhagen, Le bon Marché in Paris, Isetan and Takashimaya in Tokyo and Neiman Marcus in the US. The clothes is not my style, but I like her scarves. Her shawls and scarves are decorated with innovative artisan prints and animal patterns, which provide imaginative highlights to every outfit.

torsdag den 19. marts 2009


I'm a big fan of accessories and I like lots of them! Diane von Furstenberg has come up with some really cute headbands decorated with flowers and feathers. They complement a summer look of dresses, shirts and pants in light fabrics. They are also great if you want to soften a tougher look . The headbands are not for everyone, but for those who can pull it off, they would be great this spring/summer! Thumbs up for hippie-glam!

DvF SS09

onsdag den 18. marts 2009

By Malene Birger

By Malene Birger is one of my favorite Danish designers. Always so classy and feminine. Her SS09 collection reminds me of movie stars from the thirties and forties with luxurious fabrics draped and cut in body-caressing shapes, which emphasize a tiny waist. I love her mix of leather, lacquer, fur and light fabrics. There is a big variety in her collection, from glamour, biker chick to pure voluminous splendor. One of Malene Birger's followers is Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

mandag den 16. marts 2009

Cocktail hour

Missing the sun and palms? Then Caribbian Café and Cocktail bar is the place to go. Caribbian won the prize "Best Cocktail bar of the city" in 2004/05. I think, they still make the best cocktails in town. It isn't the cheapest place, but the cocktails are worth the money. My favorite is daiquiri with one of the berry flavors (68 kr). If you wanna get wasted fast, try a Killer (92 kr.). The dj plays soul, hip hop, r'n'b, funk, disco, reggae and pop hits from the 60'ies till now. You can also bring the party to your own home with the Drink-away offer. Buy 1, 2, 4 or 5 liters of your favorite cocktail or/and take away shots: 1 liter /50 shots. The service is always friendly. Tip: If you are a group of people, call and make a table reservation. The place is always massive crowded Friday and Saturday evening. A smoking-room is available for smokers.

HAPPY HOUR - P.Y.D: wed, thurs and sunday: 21.00-23.00. 4cl. extra alcohol in all drinks. 3 beers for 100,- choose between Negra Modelo, Corona, Sommersby and Red Stripe.

The address of Carbbian: Frederiksborggade 31 (5 min. from Nørreport Station), Copenhagen, Denmark.

Website: http://www.caribbian.dk/

Facebook: Caribbian café & cocktailbar.

lørdag den 14. marts 2009

King George, 20 Hamelech George Street

The beautiful bar with its color changing wall/ceiling.

Young, trendy, up-tempo, CHEAP... A few words to describe HaMelech Georg (King Georg) a resto bar in the center of Tel Aviv. You can eat a lot of food for no money, so be sure to go there on an empty stomach. They have a lot of pasta dishes, burger, chicken wings, schnitzel, steak, carpaccio... My favorite starter is portobello mushrooms with goat cheese, nuts and olive oil (20 nis). I normally have Pasta Fungi or Pasta Curry for the main dish (25-35 nis). It only happened once that I had space enough in my stomach for dessert. King Georg is open doing day and night time. There is happy hour between 4 and 7. Take advantage of it and get a free beer, glass of wine or cocktail and cheaper prices on food. There is always a line outside, but most of the time it goes a lot faster if you wanna sit in the bar. The music is getting louder and louder as it's getting darker outside, if you come late you'll have to yell in order to have a conversation. They often have a dj on the balcony in the evening.

The dj.
Pic from telaviv4fun

fredag den 13. marts 2009

My addiction/love

Some might call it an addiction, I call it love.
I just can't get enough!

The official website of Chanel: http://www.chanel.com/

Two from 1: The Legend and my favorite

Chanel nr.5 commercial (with breast expansion hehe) with Carole Bouquet and a digitally placed Marilyn Monroe:

Taken from highlandoutlaw on youtube, tnx.

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, my favorite fragrance from Chanel:

Taken from japplecy youtube profile, tnx.


The little black dress, the tweed suit, the quilted leather handbag, and the first-ever designer perfume—these are just some of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel's lasting contributions to fashion. Little did she know when she opened her small millinery shop in Paris in 1913 that she was laying the foundation for what would become one of the world's most illustrious fashion houses. Offering a selection of sporty clothes alongside her cloches and toques, however, Chanel speedily became the rage among upper-crust mademoiselles eager to don her modishly boyish dresses made of unfussy jersey (a fabric that until then had been used primarily for men's underwear). World War I broke out the very next year, of course, but in the long run that only boosted the popularity of Chanel's new kind of chic, as women sought more comfortable garments to replace their restrictive corsets. Throughout the twenties and thirties, Chanel continued to revolutionize the way women dressed, particularly with the popularization of the Chanel suit, which for the first time gave women a social—or perhaps even work—uniform as simple and unimpeachable as a man's business three-piece. Chanel No. 5 was created in 1923 and is still the best-selling fragrance in the world all these decades later. While Chanel's legacy is legendary, so was the public persona she constructed and promoted. Raised in a French orphanage, she rewrote the narrative of her life, cultivating an aura of privilege. "Coco," the persona known for her royal lovers, rotogravure friends, and rarefied tastes, became her own best advertisement. Again buffeted by the winds of war, Chanel shut the doors to her atelier in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. She didn't reopen the business until 1953, introducing the Chanel suit to a new generation of women. The first lady of fashion died in 1971 at the age of 86 at the Hôtel Ritz in Paris, where she had lived for 30 years. While a design team kept the label on life support, it wasn't until 1983, when Karl Lagerfeld assumed creative control, that the house was reborn in all its glory. Today, the company is privately owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, the grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, who originally funded Chanel No. 5. (style.com)
Taken from shambolique on youtube.
I'm a big fan of Chanel's bags. The vintage Coco is still my fave. But take a look at these new styles:

What a great idea to turn carrier bags into BAGS. Photo courtesy of http://www.bryanboy.com/

Even The House of Chanel can play and have fun. Style.com

Can't wait till I'm skinny and rich enough to wear the new cruise collection. Chanel Cruise 2009 will be available in November. Photo courtesy of fashiontribes.com

onsdag den 11. marts 2009

It's not me, it's Lily Allen

Pic from GQ magazine January 2008
I can't get enough of this girl. Her style is unique. Even Karl Lagerfeld has an eye on her. He invited her, back in 2006, to a Chanel fashion show in Paris and the rumor has it that he considered using her as the new face of Chanel. She is set to enjoy a 'special relationship' with Chanel where she borrows clothes on a regular basis. Gosh I wish they would do the same for me! She knows her trends and it only got better after she swapped her ball gown and trainers for a new grown up look that still says "Lily Allen" with her chunky signature earrings. When looking at the stunning pictures she did for GQ Magazine in January last year, it's hard to imagine that this is the same girl singing Smile a few years ago.

She is now back with a new album, It's Not Me, It's You, and there is definitely some hits on it such as The Fear and Back to the start. See what Lily has to say about her new album here:

The official website of Lily Allen http://www.lilyallenmusic.com/lily/

Lily Allen and Friends on BBC Three http://www.bbc.co.uk/lilyallen/

Lily Allen's official YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/lilyallen

Lily Allen's official Myspace profile www.myspace.com/lilymusic

Allen at London Fashion Week. Photo courtesy of www.metro.co.uk

tirsdag den 10. marts 2009

Synthpop and alternative rock at its best

Love love love Depeche Mode! My english teacher once decided to analyze and interpretate some songs of DM, instead of the usual stuff (unfortunately we didn't skip Shakespeare ;-)). I never paid them attention before this. But then I thought "Hey this stuff is actually great"! The dark lyrics about addiction, rehabilitation, suicide, cheating on girlfriends etc. captured me. But it wasn't until I met Shai I began to really appreciate them. When I first met him, he played Enjoy the Silence all the time. It kind of said how we felt. It's still one of my favorites songs. Probably the group's most well-known song, it's an amazing number that captures not only Martin Gore's ear for a melody and lyric (he is the chief songwriter) and David Gahan's ability to sing, but Alan Wilder and Flood's success as an arranging team.
The band was formed in 1980 in Basildon, Essex. The original line up was different than the one today. It was Gahan who suggested the name Depeche Mode after he came across the French fashion magazine Dépêche-mode. Since then, the band has continued to explore new musical directions, and their sound has remained immensely diverse. According to EMI, Depeche Mode has sold over 75 million albums worldwide, as part of total worldwide record sales in excess of 100 million. They have released 12 studio albums, 46 singles, four greatest hits compilations, live recordings..! Indeed they are productive. Their newest album "Sounds of the Universe" will be released on the 20'Th of April, 2009. The first single "Wrong" was premiered at the Echo Awards in Germany on February 21.
I've got tickets to their concert in Copenhagen on June the 30'Th!!! I can't wait. I might be lucky to see them in Israel as well, since my boyfriend has tickets to the concert there. Uh oh! Stay tuned!

mandag den 9. marts 2009

Spring/summer break!

The owner of the fresh fruit stand on Ben Gurion decided to open a frozen yoghurt shop last year. And what a success! Tamara is beautifully and trendy designed. The cool blue and white colors drag you in during the hot summer in Tel Aviv. I particularly like the swings used as chairs and a girl with a polka dot dress painted on the wall. The concept is simple yet a great idea; you choose your own toppings of fresh fruit, muesli, chocolate etc. on the frozen yoghurt in a cup. The service is always friendly, even when there is crowded. I never had to stand in a line with more than three people during daytime. Expect a long line in the warm evenings.

Opening hours: sun-thu: 08:30-01:00 am. Fri: 08:30 till sabbath. Sat: after sabbath till 01:00 am.
Address: 96 Ben yehuda Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-5234449

søndag den 8. marts 2009

As in RebekkaMaria

As In RebekkaMaria is a naughty mix of electro pop, cheerful junk folk and dirty dance beats. A delicious electro/club cocktail with the distorted and caressing voice of RebekkaMaria and her fine melodies as explosive tequila in this margarita.
RebekkaMaria Andersson, who is also known as lead singer of the Danish/Swedish noisepop band Lampshade, has only released the two singles ’Part of the Game’ and ’She Lion,’ but already performed at Roskilde Festival, Popkomm in Berlin, Copenhagen Fashion Week and alongside !!!, Vive La Fete and Chromeo.
As In RebekkaMaria may lead your thoughts to artists like Yelle, LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Coco Rosie, CSS, The Blow and Ladytron in a hot date with French divas of the 60’s. All is pop with a twist and not a few of the songs will drag your hips to the dance floor. (quote: http://www.asinrebekkamaria.com/rebekkamaria).

As In RebekkaMaria was voted 'Best support-act of 2008' by the users of Copenhagen venue 'Vega'. During 2008 she played at Vega a couple of times; as support for Vive La Fête in March and with Familjen, Juvelen and the French human beat box Tez in September. I went to the concert in September and it was amazing! I couldn't stand still for a second. The electro beat is great and you just have to dance. Then there is the stage with all its decorations, light etc. The pictures in the background reminded me of some old childrens books drawings my grandparents had. Her outfits defined the mood. They had their own show going on and should def. had credit.

From her concert at Vega in 2008

MySpace URL-adresse:

lørdag den 7. marts 2009

Chocolate culture

Wow! I'm totally amazed by this place and I'm not the only one. People magazine saluted it in one of its issues. Max Brenner is an Israeli chocolate chain with stores located in Australia, Israel, the United States, the Philippines and Singapore. The stores have a layout similar to regular cafes. The interior design is cozy and decorated with cool art and chocolate from floor to ceiling. Pipes along the ceiling are painted dark brown to convey the idea that they carry chocolate. They specialize in chocolate drinks and desserts- all over the top and well done. Commonly found sweets include fondues, waffles and cookies. My fav. is the Montana milkshake. It's a chocolate milkshake with vanilla ice and melted chocolate on top of it. They serve "real food" but what's the fun of going there if you only eat a chicken salad? You can get anything from hot coco to chocolate pizza- I think I found heaven on earth. There is no real Max Brenner. He’s a concept. Max Brenner was founded in 1996 in Ra'anana, Israel by Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner. The company distributes products to prestigious hotels and gourmet stores around the world including British Airways and Harrods in London.

Too see more log on to http://www.maxbrenner.com/

Chocolate Trivia
  • The Aztecs considered chocolate an aphrodisiac and subsequently all chocolate based foods were strictly forbidden to women.
  • Ironically, according to several studies, chocolate is the number one food craved by women.
  • Chocolate contains the same mood lifting chemical, phenylethylamie, produced by the brain when you fall in love.
  • Chocolate is an excellent source of vitamin E and a good source of phosphorous, calcium and iron.
  • There is no proof that chocolate causes or aggravates acne. Nor that it causes tooth decay. In fact, there are indications that the cocoa butter in the chocolate coats the teeth and may help plaque from forming.
  • Research at the University of California has found that chocolate carries high levels of chemicals known as phenolics, or antioxidants like those found in red wine, and may help lower the risk of heart disease.
  • White chocolate is not true chocolate because it contains no cocoa solids. Instead, it's usually a mixture of sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids, lecithin and vanilla, hence it's sweetness.
  • Chocolate should be stored, tightly wrapped, in a cool, dry place. If stored at warm temperatures, chocolate will develop a pale grey "bloom" caused when the cocoa butter rises to the surface. Under ideal conditions, dark chocolate can be stored for 10 years. However, because of the milk solids in both milk chocolate and white chocolate, the shouldn't be stored for longer than 9 months. Taken from www.ninemsn.com.au

torsdag den 5. marts 2009

Video: Gay Pride Parade Tel Aviv 2008

!&#?"!"!&% I still haven't figured this blog thingy out. The layout of my last script and pic turned out different than expected. Here is the video I couldn't upload before. It is taken from usseryroad on youtube. Thanks.

Gay Pride Parade

As I already told you, I'm spending a lot of time in Tel Aviv. I don't want to get into the conflict going on in the Middle East. But let me tell you about this beautiful place that, probably to many's surprise, exists in its own little bubble, far away from the bombing. I will use this blog to recommend cafés, restaurants, events and places to see and be seen in Tel Aviv. What strikes me the most is that this place has room for everyone, quite different from so many other places in the Middle East. You'll see gay, draqs, muslims, orthodox jews, Russians, Ethiopians, Frenchs, Chineses, Philippinos etc. It is a well known fact that Tel Aviv has become one of the main gay metropolitans of the world. Tel Aviv is even a competitor to cities like Berlin and San Francisco. It is hosting the Gay pride parade every year. Last year Tel Aviv's gay pride parade drew some 10,000 participants. It began in Gan Meir (a smaller park in the center of TA) with music, dance and organizations promoting different things such as The Gay Olympics, oh yes and this year from July 25 to August 1, Copenhagen will stage the competition with over 30 sporting events and participants from at least 100 different countries. The parade was then to head out toward Bograshov Street, turning onto Ben Yehuda Street, then Ben Gurion Boulevard and finally ending at Gordon beach, where a host of musicians such as Ivri Lider, Maya Buskila and Keren Peles were set to perform followed by a party on into the night. This is one of the things that set Tel Aviv apart from fx. the capital Jerusalem or other Middle Eastern countries. It is truly a day of joy, where people can celebrate their rights or just enjoy the carnival, champagne in plastic beer cups, bbq in the streets, music etc. The fun thing is, that this event brings all kinds of people together. The parade has been taking place every year in the city since 1998. This year it will take place on the 12'Th of June. In an effort to boost gay tourism in Tel Aviv, the Gay and Lesbian Union has bid to host in Tel Aviv the 2009 Euro Pride, the largest annual gay parade in the world.

A queen and a "dyke on bike"

Hi and welcome to my blog!

Shai and I

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Neel, I'm 21 and from Denmark. Living in a suburb to Copenhagen. I've a younger brother, Niklaas, and two older sisters Iben and Alina. During the last three years I've been working on and off in a school for disable children. It's great fun, though I don't see myself as a teacher there. I'm studying Science of religion at the University of Copenhagen. Still don't know exactly what to do when finish. I love it and I wouldn't study anything else. My classmates are great too, so I can't really ask for more :-) I met my boyfriend Shai, see pic, in Vietnam two years ago. He's 25 and from Tel Aviv, Israel. I studied philosophy and psychology with a bunch of Danes in Nha Trang. We also did some travelling from South to North. Shai was travelling around in Asia but worked as a barman at Sailing Club (sure some of you know this amazing place) when I met him. I guess we've been together ever since. When he came back 1.5 month after me, I bought a ticket to Israel and decided to live there until one day the uni called me and told me I was accepted. I worked once in a while as a nanny for a sweet Danish/Israeli family and some hotel guests, modeling and "face" of Bardugo (http://www.israeleventsproductions.com/) where I pretty much just had to look beautiful and smile- what a dream job! You can't live in a country without knowing some basic language-stuff. So I took an intensive hebrew course at Ulpan Gordon. I had classmates from Singapore, Britain, Turkey, Holland, Canada, France, The States, Venezuela, Argentina, Germany, Russia and Italy. Shai and I see each other as often as possible, which is about every month. I guess most people would find it pretty difficult, but I think we do damn well. My plan is to study in Haifa or Tel Aviv next year. Doing all the paperwork now. Neel ☆