torsdag den 5. marts 2009

Gay Pride Parade

As I already told you, I'm spending a lot of time in Tel Aviv. I don't want to get into the conflict going on in the Middle East. But let me tell you about this beautiful place that, probably to many's surprise, exists in its own little bubble, far away from the bombing. I will use this blog to recommend cafés, restaurants, events and places to see and be seen in Tel Aviv. What strikes me the most is that this place has room for everyone, quite different from so many other places in the Middle East. You'll see gay, draqs, muslims, orthodox jews, Russians, Ethiopians, Frenchs, Chineses, Philippinos etc. It is a well known fact that Tel Aviv has become one of the main gay metropolitans of the world. Tel Aviv is even a competitor to cities like Berlin and San Francisco. It is hosting the Gay pride parade every year. Last year Tel Aviv's gay pride parade drew some 10,000 participants. It began in Gan Meir (a smaller park in the center of TA) with music, dance and organizations promoting different things such as The Gay Olympics, oh yes and this year from July 25 to August 1, Copenhagen will stage the competition with over 30 sporting events and participants from at least 100 different countries. The parade was then to head out toward Bograshov Street, turning onto Ben Yehuda Street, then Ben Gurion Boulevard and finally ending at Gordon beach, where a host of musicians such as Ivri Lider, Maya Buskila and Keren Peles were set to perform followed by a party on into the night. This is one of the things that set Tel Aviv apart from fx. the capital Jerusalem or other Middle Eastern countries. It is truly a day of joy, where people can celebrate their rights or just enjoy the carnival, champagne in plastic beer cups, bbq in the streets, music etc. The fun thing is, that this event brings all kinds of people together. The parade has been taking place every year in the city since 1998. This year it will take place on the 12'Th of June. In an effort to boost gay tourism in Tel Aviv, the Gay and Lesbian Union has bid to host in Tel Aviv the 2009 Euro Pride, the largest annual gay parade in the world.

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