mandag den 23. marts 2009

Café Norden, Copenhagen

The first two floors belong to the café
One of my favorite cafés in Copenhagen is Café Norden. It has a great location in the heart of the city close to many tourist attractions and with a view to Amagertorv, Storkespringvandet, Højbro Plads and the famous shopping street Strøget. It's a beautiful old building and the area itself is the oldest part of Copenhagen (12th century). Enjoy a nice brunch or one of the fantastic cakes (try the carrot cake with vanilla cream) on one of the two floors. I prefer one of the window seats with soft cushions on the second floor. The café also has tables outside, which is great when the sun is shining and you can look at all the people passing by- or be seen ;-) Café Norden is not cheap. I guess you pay for the trendy location, but you do get some big plates and I always enjoy eating there.

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