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As in RebekkaMaria

As In RebekkaMaria is a naughty mix of electro pop, cheerful junk folk and dirty dance beats. A delicious electro/club cocktail with the distorted and caressing voice of RebekkaMaria and her fine melodies as explosive tequila in this margarita.
RebekkaMaria Andersson, who is also known as lead singer of the Danish/Swedish noisepop band Lampshade, has only released the two singles ’Part of the Game’ and ’She Lion,’ but already performed at Roskilde Festival, Popkomm in Berlin, Copenhagen Fashion Week and alongside !!!, Vive La Fete and Chromeo.
As In RebekkaMaria may lead your thoughts to artists like Yelle, LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Coco Rosie, CSS, The Blow and Ladytron in a hot date with French divas of the 60’s. All is pop with a twist and not a few of the songs will drag your hips to the dance floor. (quote: http://www.asinrebekkamaria.com/rebekkamaria).

As In RebekkaMaria was voted 'Best support-act of 2008' by the users of Copenhagen venue 'Vega'. During 2008 she played at Vega a couple of times; as support for Vive La Fête in March and with Familjen, Juvelen and the French human beat box Tez in September. I went to the concert in September and it was amazing! I couldn't stand still for a second. The electro beat is great and you just have to dance. Then there is the stage with all its decorations, light etc. The pictures in the background reminded me of some old childrens books drawings my grandparents had. Her outfits defined the mood. They had their own show going on and should def. had credit.

From her concert at Vega in 2008

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