torsdag den 5. marts 2009

Hi and welcome to my blog!

Shai and I

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Neel, I'm 21 and from Denmark. Living in a suburb to Copenhagen. I've a younger brother, Niklaas, and two older sisters Iben and Alina. During the last three years I've been working on and off in a school for disable children. It's great fun, though I don't see myself as a teacher there. I'm studying Science of religion at the University of Copenhagen. Still don't know exactly what to do when finish. I love it and I wouldn't study anything else. My classmates are great too, so I can't really ask for more :-) I met my boyfriend Shai, see pic, in Vietnam two years ago. He's 25 and from Tel Aviv, Israel. I studied philosophy and psychology with a bunch of Danes in Nha Trang. We also did some travelling from South to North. Shai was travelling around in Asia but worked as a barman at Sailing Club (sure some of you know this amazing place) when I met him. I guess we've been together ever since. When he came back 1.5 month after me, I bought a ticket to Israel and decided to live there until one day the uni called me and told me I was accepted. I worked once in a while as a nanny for a sweet Danish/Israeli family and some hotel guests, modeling and "face" of Bardugo ( where I pretty much just had to look beautiful and smile- what a dream job! You can't live in a country without knowing some basic language-stuff. So I took an intensive hebrew course at Ulpan Gordon. I had classmates from Singapore, Britain, Turkey, Holland, Canada, France, The States, Venezuela, Argentina, Germany, Russia and Italy. Shai and I see each other as often as possible, which is about every month. I guess most people would find it pretty difficult, but I think we do damn well. My plan is to study in Haifa or Tel Aviv next year. Doing all the paperwork now. Neel ☆

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