mandag den 9. marts 2009

Spring/summer break!

The owner of the fresh fruit stand on Ben Gurion decided to open a frozen yoghurt shop last year. And what a success! Tamara is beautifully and trendy designed. The cool blue and white colors drag you in during the hot summer in Tel Aviv. I particularly like the swings used as chairs and a girl with a polka dot dress painted on the wall. The concept is simple yet a great idea; you choose your own toppings of fresh fruit, muesli, chocolate etc. on the frozen yoghurt in a cup. The service is always friendly, even when there is crowded. I never had to stand in a line with more than three people during daytime. Expect a long line in the warm evenings.

Opening hours: sun-thu: 08:30-01:00 am. Fri: 08:30 till sabbath. Sat: after sabbath till 01:00 am.
Address: 96 Ben yehuda Tel Aviv
Phone: 03-5234449

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