fredag den 23. oktober 2009

What women do...

Argh! Two weeks ago my mom went to a Tommy Hilfiger outlet and spoke with two women, who told her, the Danish brand By Malene Birger was going to have an outlet on the 23rd and 24th of October in Øksnehallen in Copenhagen. My mom and I packed our bags with tea, hot choco, a magazine, iPod... to kill the time while waiting for the doors to open. My dad dropped us off at 6:30. The place was dark, but we didn't think much about it, since the doors first opened at 8. 40 minutes went by without a trace of a ready-to-kill-for-cheap-designer-clothes woman or a piece of faboules clothes. We figured we better take a walk around the building before calling my dad. Nothing. While sitting there we felt a little like the homeless people passing by or one of the promiscuous women in the area- it isn't exactly a "pleasentville" part of the city. Though we felt a little stupid we still laughed all the time sitting there, thinking what women wont do in order to get a some discount on clothes. Well, me and my mom would wake up very very early and sit in a dark and very cold place- alone. Hahahaha... Happy hunt!

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