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Photo courtesy Oh!Nena
As I told you before, the fashionable head bands don't really suit me. I think the shape of my head turns into some weird pear shape or something. Anyway, that doesn't stop me from admiring other people wearing them or the many designs there is out there. A fellow blogger, Travinia, posted pictures of Oh!Nena's creative head bands/head gear, and I thought I wanted to share them with you too.
The team behind Oh!Nena is thë three Venezuelan girls Daniela Ordonez, andrea Moreno and Valentina Alvarado. Every piece is named after a girl. The trio say they were inspired to give the pieces a girl's name after listening to the group Boom Boom Clan.
What makes each of the pieces to die for is the extravagant quality of the designs. Oh!Nena accessories are romantic and eye-catching and definitely a perfect way to bring any outfit to the next level. Unfortunately Oh!Nena is only available in Venezuela :-(

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  1. Thanks for your comment! I agree that head bands dont always suit everyone...;ike me too! lol
    The make up I used was a mix. MAC foundation, concealer and primer. Eyeshodow and eyeliner from Avon and Great Lash mascara from Maybeline!

  2. awesome photos, i love the headbands, i want one! so cute :)



  3. Thank you both for leaving a comment- makes it all the more fun to have a blog. I badly wish one of their designs! Founf a new great head band designer- stay tuned :-)

  4. Hi!

    I have great news : Oh!Nena is now available in France and Europe!

    FURIA. is a project based in Paris, which purpose is to sell and promote the young venezuelan fashionbrands like OH!NENA!

    If you want more information : furia-store@live.fr


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