mandag den 9. november 2009

Monday outfit

Obviously I didn't pull off a Freja Beha look, as I wrote about yesterday. While I was searching for clothes that would match hers I found a hairband and a flower and had some fun with that instead. I normally never wear the fashionable headband, cause it doesn't flatter me at all. Not everyone can pull it off. But clothes and accessories are about having fun and that's what I had today. Feeling like going to a carneval, I found my dazzling purse from Egypt to make it all the more fun. Guess the black in black-look will have to wait for tomorrow.
Wear I got it: hairband from Hummel, flower from H&M, jacket Chanel, shirt from Vero Moda, leather belt with metal from Zara (NEW), boots from H&M, panties from H&M, necklaces of shells from Turkey, silver necklace with black stones from a market in Tel Aviv and the purse is from Egypt.

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  1. I love the headband with the flower, tres chic!!

    Definitely something I couldn't pull off x

  2. Thank you very much! Well, I normally don't wear a headband but this time I just had fun and didn't care much if it looked stupid.

    Thank you for joining my blog!


  3. I love Vero moda. Yesterday I accidentally found a Vero Moda sample sale and scored a $150 leather skirt for just $13. I basically got the skirt for free.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Wow! Lucky you! A leather skirt sounds great! Which colour? You have the same mentality as I have- anything cheap is free haha ;-)
    I like your creations.

    Thanks for becoming a follower (sounds a bit creepy, though, hahaha!)

  5. So happy we stumbled upon your treasure of a blog....
    you've got fans in San Francisco!!!

    come see us when you have a moment :)xx alex and amy


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