torsdag den 5. november 2009

The winter is coming

It's getting colder and colder here in Denmark. Yesterday we even had some snow flakes falling down! But even though it's cold, and will be colder, I still dress as if I was somewhere warmer hhhh... At least my parents got me a long wool coat from InWear, that will keep me warm. Haven't owned a propper winterjacket/coat the last 5 years. About time, huh!
Excuse me for uploading more than one picture of the same outfit, but I didn't get the right shot and it was too cold to stand outside in this outfit for a longer periode of time. And yes I've noticed the skirt is messy, hope you are able to ignore it :-) On the pic: Ankle boots from H&M, knee high socks from H&M, panties from H&M, skirt from H&M, bag from H&M (oh yeah I love shopping here), dress used as top from InWear, blazer from InWear and tea warmer look alike-hat from Egypt.

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