lørdag den 23. maj 2009

Evelyn Siatra

I found Evelyn Siatra on one of my fave fashionistas website senseofashion.com. All her creations are all one-of-a-kind handmade accessories including shrugs, scarves, hats, capelets and bags. I love her hand-knitted sandals! I cheated a bit and found the following text and interview on senseofashion.com:

Evelyn Siatra, 43, makes these crochet sandals under the self explanatory name of Creations by Eve. She comes from the “beautiful small town of Alexandroupolis”, in the north of Greece, but is currently living in Athens. Eve was taught how to crochet by her mother, when she was very young.“I began playing with yarn making clothes for my dolls,” she tells Sense of Fashion “then later, in high school, I learnt knitting and it has grown into a passion. Some months ago I stumbled onto felting and I was amazed by this wonderful craft.

What’s your favorite material? Wool and silk.
Success in what country would be most flattering to you? Having my creations shipped to the four corners of the world makes me very happy. That’s the magic of the internet!
What’s your favorite magazine? Elle.
What have you been listening to lately? I love ethnic music.
Which actress would you most want to wear your art? Sara Jessica Parker. She’s my style idol.
Which 3 accessories of yours did you wear the most this past year? My scarves, bags and sandals.

Photo courtesy: Evelyn Siatra

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  1. Wow!Thanks so much for featuring me!I'm honored!!

  2. Hhhh... you are much welcome. You have some great stuff and other people should see it :-)


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