søndag den 17. maj 2009

Terry Poison

Photo courtesy: Dudi Hasson and Terry Poison
Terry Poison is a cool girlband from Israel who has taken Paris and other european cities with storm. The sound is broken electro/pop/rock, which wont let you sit down for a moment. They performed at Depeche Mode's "Tour of the Universe" concert in Israel on May 10 this year. The band's live show was provocative, up-tempo and entertaining. Their style is unique, a little crazy, but it sure keeps your eyes on them; the leadsinger Louise was wearing a way too short pink dress and a "bambi" balloon on her head at the DM gig :-) Hope to party with them someday- soon!

"No doubt: This is the most 'in your face' experience in the local pop scene since one can remember. If you still don't know who Terry poison is you better hurry up. Good chance they wont be here for long. After three years of plowing deep into all of Tel Aviv's clubs, the band is launching their first tour abroad". Leora Shoster, At Woman Magazine 2006
Louise Kahn: Vocals, Guitar
Petite Meller: Vocals in French, Keyboards
Gili Saar: Backing vocals and keyboards
Bruno Grife: Production, Synthe Bass and Sampler
Anna Landesman: Rythem guitar
Issar Tenenbaum: drums

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/terrypoisonmusic

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  1. interesting! didn't hear about them before :)

  2. Great performers- probably due to a little too much alcohol ;-)But sure got some interesting outfits.


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