lørdag den 25. september 2010

Giant sun powder from Gosh

I went to a local drug store before i left Denmark. Among the things I bought was this Giant Sun Powder from Gosh. I normally don't buy Gosh's products, for no other reason than being a sucker for Chanel's products.
Anyway the size of this one made me buy it + it's free of oils, waxes and perfumes. I paid 150 kr. (20 euro). I like the matt surface and the mirror inside. I hate when eye shadows ect. don't have a small mirror inside. The colour is light but richly pigmented. It's basiccaly a matallic gold/bronze shimmer. You will only need to apply a small amount and blend WELL. I do prefer to use this as a high lighter and not an all-over bronzer. And last but not least is this giant piece long lasting.

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