søndag den 6. september 2009

Sunday outfits: fringes

I went for a quick stop at the local mall to buy some dogfood and ran into a good friend of mine. She is always looking stylish no matter when and where.Stina is wearing skinny jeans from InWear, top with fringes from Vero Moda, pocahontas shoes from Vero Moda, cardigan from Designers Remix Collection, male watch from Skagen ure and a second hand bag.I'm wearing a blazer from Inwear, dress with fringes from Zara, scarf from Pieces, skinny jeans from Gina Tricot, ballerinas from H&M, glasses from Nørgaard Paa Strøget, a heavy bracelet made of china from Royal Copenhagen and a leather bag with fringes from Dixie.

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