mandag den 14. september 2009

Designer/artist: Elizaveta

I absolutely love Elizaveta's designs. They are creative and very unique. Her creations definitely inspire me. Take a look at the pics here or go to her website
What's your name? Elizaveta Yankelovich.
Where are you from? Born In Moscow, live in Toronto, Canada.
How did you come up with the necklace idea? It's so unique and creative. My Ideas came from my passion for fashion/art photography. When I was working as a wardrobe stylist I began accessorizing my models with creations that were inspired by the concepts, the sets, and environments that we shot. Now that I have taken a hiatus from wardrobe styling, my pallet for creating eccentric large necklaces has taken on a life of it's own. The joy that I and my loverly customers derive from my accessories makes me create more.
What inspires you? Many things inspire me. Found objects, fairy tales, other amazing artists, pretty much everything around me. Also I find when I'm working on one piece it seems to always inspire another.
Where do you shop? I shop mainly online, I try my best to only buy handmade and used.
Your favourite designer(s)? I love any designer who makes creations that are original, gorgeous, imaginative and fun.
Which celebrity's closet would you have? I would much rather have the whole wardrobe from the Marie Antoinette Movie (2006).
What is your favourite item for the fall/winter? Large chunky scarves and hats with pompoms.
What do you wish you had from the runway this season? don't really work that way. I don't wish for things like clothes. I wish for things like waterfalls made from caramel sauce. Balloons filled with cotton candy. A country home with baby ducks and unicorns. Trees that grow candy. That my hair smelled like fresh cut grass.

Thank you for sharing, Elizaveta!

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