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New Years Eyes Tutorial

I love everything dazzling, so why not add a little on the eyes? New Years is the perfect opportunity to overload your eyes with sparkles. I like Barry M's fine glitter dust, but for a really over the top look, mix it with Barry M's loose powder.

I uploaded a tutorial on my youtube channel here. It's in DANISH! But I added the product list below in english. You don't have to use the same products I used. Any silver, foundation etc. will do.

P.S like myself in photos, hate myself in videos!

Products used:
Moisturize your face!
Chanel Pro Lumière #10.

After the eye makeup has been done:
MAC Select Moistercover #NW20 (under the eyes and on blemishes).
Helena Rubinstein Illumination #01 Translucent (under the eyes, on top of MAC's).

Clarins Poudre Éclat Quick Glow Puff Powder (On cheeks, forhead, back of the nose, chin, neck, ears).
Chanel Joues Contrasre #97 Divine (only on the apply of my cheeks).
Lancaster Sunlight Palette #Natural (the white colour. Used as highlighter on the cheek bones).
After you have finished, dap Scotch Tape wherever you have glitter.

Maybeline Color Definer (waterproof) #10 Fascination white (As a base, so the glitter has something to stick to).
Dana Beauty Single Eyeshadow #3 (silver) (on top of the base).
Revlon Eyeshadow Quad #Sultry Smoke (create a V-shape in the outer corner with the darkest colour, apply to 1/3 of the eyelid).
Barry M Fine Glitter Dust #1 (Press it on top of the silver eyeshadow).
H&M lipgloss i neutral farve (a little goes far, on top of the FGD, use as base for the Loose Body Glitter).
Barry M Loose Body Glitter #8 (Press it onto the eyelid).
Maybeline Eye definer Eyeliner Noir (close to teh lash line, if you don't have small eyes like me, apply on the lower lash line too).
Lancaster Sunlight Palette #Natural (Again, use the white colour under the browbone, blend in with Revlon's dark colour).
Maybeline Define-A.Last Mascare #sort (loads).

I want the focus to be on the eyes, so I chose a light coloured lipgloss.
Chanel VitalumièreTeint Compact Crème Eclat Jeuness #20 Clair-Cameo (to block out any natural lip color).
L'Oreal Glam Shine Crystals #301 Coral Strass
GoshCrystal Eyes Eye Pencil #Sparkling Pearl (on the Cupid-bow, to make your lips look fuller).

Barry M Nail Paint #216 Silver Cascade.

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