søndag den 19. december 2010

My best tanning products

Easy and cancer free :-)
Rimmel Sun Shimmer is an instant tan wash off. Apply a generous layer on body. It's important that you wash your hands immediately after use! I have to use a body scrubb to get it off my hands. I use the Light Matt (not Light Matt with shimmer). It gives the darkest color out of the three products. Don't apply to your face.

Tan-In-A-Can. The product is not for an all over body treatment. Use it on specific areas such as face and neck. It's really easy to use. It's a Danish product.

Dove Summer Glow is a body lotion with a hint of self tanning agents. It gradually builds a light tan. It's important that you apply a generous layer or else you will end up with lines! I let it set for an hour before I put clothes on, just in case. I use Fair to Normal Skin.

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