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Veronica Civa

Veronica Civa founded her company in 2004. Veronica Civa has her own stylish take on the latest trends from the international fashion scene. Inspired by travelling, the icons of the past and the art scene of today she creates unique jewelleries for the modern human being who loves to play with personal style, or simply pamper themselves. The 1. Collection (wooden pearls) sold to 23 countries worlwide in less than two days! The second collection consists of a unique line of handmade jewelleries in sterling silver and sterling silver goldplated with 18 carat gold. "My approach is to bring it style and to reconstruct forgotten identities - using the glamourous elgance from the 30's and unique rawness from the 80's. All together a powerfull combination of hiqh quality - which makes us remember!" -Veronica Civa.

Veronica Civa with her designs
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