torsdag den 11. juni 2009

Interview with a VintageSoul

Stella McCartney wedges

I "met" Sam on my fave fashionista website senseofashion. I fell in love with all her beautiful pictures and items- mostly vintage dresses and cool designer shoes. I'm crazy about her Stella McCartney wedges, they look like a piece of art. She turned out to be a fellow blogger too! Wanna get to know Sam better? Stop by

What's your name? My actual name is Suzanne Anna Madeleine, but everyone calls me Sam. Just to keep it simple!

Where are you from? I'm from The Netherlands.

What inspires you? Hmm.. I always think that's a hard questions. I think that my biggest inspiration are my own clothes. If I pick out a dress, skirt or a top, I Immediatly see a whole outfit in front of me. And sometimes when I see someone with the same sort of dress, I get inspiration from that! And ofcourse also from my fellow bloggers and street style sites!

Where do you shop? It's a long time ago I went shopping for clothes in an actual store. Mostly I buy my clothes from a site, that specialize in vintage clothes. For the shoes I kind of aalways go to Amsterdam or Utrecht. There are my favorite shoe stores!

Your favourite designer(s)? That is with no doubt Miuccia Prada!

What is your favourite item for the summer? My Prada shoes from this season. They're dark brown with light brown and they walk so comfortable, even though they're pretty high and I can match them with a lot of clothingpieces I own! But it's so bad that I don't have much occasions to wear them to, because I can't wear them when I'm at work or at school. I have to walk way too much for that!

What do you wish you had from the runway this season? The thing I really wanted from the runway are the Prada shoes I already own. But I also really really want the mesh sandals from Stella McCartney. They truly are my dream shoes.

Thank you Sam! Keep up the good work!

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