lørdag den 6. juni 2009

Maxi dress

The maxi dress has become a summer staple. You'll find all the celebs wearing it on and off the red-carpet. I don't think the dress is for every shape and size, shorter people could easily drown in all the fabric, however it's my own opinion, and you will see the petite Nicole Richie looking great in the dress. Wear it for summer weddings or parties or wear it with leather amazone sandals for a more relaxed hippie look. I found one of mine in H&M with flower prints (see pic below).

  • If you are tall and slim, any style of the maxi dress will suit you.

  • If you are wider around the waist, keep the dress fitted up top with only a slight flow at the bottom. A-line dresses is perfect for your figure.

  • Heavier women should choose bold prints and colors. Avoid small prints and light colors so as not to add width and depth to their body.

  • If you have a bigger bust, a halterneck or bandeau top are more flattering. Avoid spaghetti straps.
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