søndag den 21. juni 2009

Butler and Wilson

WOW! Pretty much covers what I have to say about this English company (now celebrating its 40th anniversary). I'm definitely a "bling girl", meaning I like things that glitters and to accessories my outfits. Butler and Wilson's designs are way over the top and I love it! Encompassing beautiful jewel-encrusted evening bags, exquisite semi precious jewels and dramatic hair accessories, Butler & Wilson will fire your desire for serious sparkle! The shop just off Oxford Street London is an exotic treasure trove of beautiful accessories and it's enough just to look without buying. From vintage clothing and beaded purses to sparkling necklaces and bracelets, practically every kind of accessory imaginable can be found here encrusted with semi precious stones, glittering gems, beads and sequins. You'll find A-list people such as Hillary Duff wearing some serious bling bling from Butler and Wilson. Princess Diana loved the brand as well.

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