onsdag den 12. januar 2011

ELF Everyday Eyes Kit

I promised to review my E.L.F products (these and these). I'm in Denmark at the moment and forgot to bring all my newly bought stuff. So You'll have to wait with some of the reviews 'till I'm back in Israel in February.

Back in December, I won an "Everyday Eyes" kit in E.L.F's Christmas (gift) Calandar. Today I had time to take a closer look on all the things. The kit includes: False Eye Lashes, Mini defining eye Brush, Brightening Eye liner Duo, Earth & Water Mascara Duo, Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara, Eye Shadow Duo x2, two applicators and a sharpener.

I'm really impressed by the two Eye Shadow Duos. They are very pigmented and they are long lasting. Both of them has a satin finish. One is called Candellight and it's a mother of pearl color and a yellowish color. Both are great as highlighters under the brow or all over the eyelids. The other one is called Bronze  and is a dark brown and a bronze color. Great for a brown smokey eyes.

The Brightening Eye liner Duo is a soft eyeliner duo. One end is a shiny bronze. It's great for blue eyes and for a more festive look. The other end is a more matt brown. I use the brown every day as a soft liner on the upper lid. They are easy to blend and smudge. I consider them waterproof though the packaging doesn't say anything about it.

The Falsies come with a small glue. I haven't tried the lashes as I'm terrible when it comes to applying falsies. I can't get the outer part to stay put. Any tips? The lashes are of different lengths which I guess will make them blend easier into your own.

I wont use the bristles. Using the fingers gives you much more color than by applying the shadows with the bristles.

The Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara Eyebrow part is a clear gel that is great at shaping your eyebrows. It wears really well. It doesn't make them stiff, which I think is good. The eyelash part didn't impress me. I didn't see any kind of difference. It's not like a curler or thickener. But if you have natural dark and full lashes and you ar egoing for a more natural look, you might like this.

The Earth & Water Mascara Duo was one big disappointment. The applicators are too small even for one with small eyes and no space between brow and lid. The worst part was that both ends were dry- very dry! One of the ends were turned into stone (see picture). I know I got the kit for free. But I still want to inform ELF about it.

My overall opinion: Very impressed with eye shadows and eye liner. The rest of the kit was more or less useless for me. I don't know if you can by the things seperately in shops as shops in both Denmark and Israel (where I live) don't carry ELF. I couldn't find the products online. The packaging doesn't look expensive. But ELF's prices are veryyy cheap, so you can't complain.


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