lørdag den 4. april 2009

Forrest and Bob

I'm going to Rome next Monday and have to be fully updated on the fashion front. So I went shopping! While I was trying some clothes out my eyes suddenly saw something. And there in the middle of the shop were the coolest, big and gray sunglasses from Forrest and Bob. The name was new to me so I went home and googled it (what would we do without Google?) and it turns out to be a new Danish brand. The former Danish top model Vibe Sørensen is the founder and designer. They have some really cool accessories worth checking out. The main ingredient in the collection is the use of quality leather and elegant shapes. "If a girl can't yield to the suggestion of diamonds as her best friend, then Forrest and Bob is likely to be the next preferred option."- Forrest and Bob.

Forrest and Bob

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