mandag den 20. april 2009

Balmain's spangles and spikes

Spangles can always upgrade your every-day casual look to a party look. Put the glossy spangles together with some less shiny items, such as jeans and sneakers to get a more relaxed look. Put the spangles together with a clutch and some high heels and you are ready to party. Balmain knows how to match the spangles with some less shiny stuff. Take a look at how the jacket is mixed with some "old" jeans and a simple black shirt. Would also look great with an oversize tank top.

Take a look at this black Balmain dress with metal spikes/perls/stones. To get a less festive, but still chik look, change the high heels with some boots or leather gladiator/amazon-sandals, heavy metal bangles or a leather or jeans jacket.

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