onsdag den 20. april 2011

e.l.f. nail polish in Lilac

I bought a lot of e.l.f products last month as they had 20 % off twice (which they have more or less all the time). Some of their products are really good and others are less. One of the less good products turned out to be their nail polish. It took me a while before I wanted to purchase an e.l.f. nail polish as the results I got from my "research" weren't good. Then a few weeks ago they sent me a newsletter with a new nail polish color, Lilac, and the colour just looked so summerish that I had to try it.

Today I got the stuff I bought. I know you can't trust the pictures online. But I still end up a bit disappointed when the colors don't match the pictures. Lilac is a creamy cool purple toned nail polish on e.l.f.'s website. But in real life it's more of a smokey purple in the bottle.

The texture is very watery. Everytime I open the bottle nail varnish runs down the bottle like a vulcano. How come?? As I said it's very watery, so no clumbs. But It also means that you get strikes and you have to apply minimum three layers. I would probably go for four. I applied three layers except on two fingers where I applied two layers just to see the difference.

I don't know if it is long lasting as it claims as I've only applied it today. But even if it is I wont buy it again. Even with three coats I can still see my nails through. If you wanna spend time applying 4+ coats so give it a try. I know it's cheap but you can find cheap brands that are much more pigmented.

I would recommend this nail polish for people who don't feel comfortable wearing nail polish as it only gives a very limited amount of color.

I also have a nail polish in Gum Pink. I really hope it's going to surprise me cause the color looks so yummi in the bottle.

NB! I tried with 4 coats after I wrote this post. 4 coats of this polish is perfect and it does seem to last longer than the Gum Pink.

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