søndag den 17. april 2011

Clubbing with Orlando Bloom

Yesterday I went to a pretty new place in Copenhagen named Simons (Simon's). It's the hot spot for the rich, famous and beautiful. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has been partying there two nights in a row this week celebrating his twins' baptism. My friend told me Orlando Bloom had been there this week or last week. So... I had to go there. And who did I meet? Mr. Bloom -  without Miranda. He looks great in real life but I was surprised to see how short he actually is. The last time I saw him he came dragging with a blonde girl who looked more or less wasted. He seemed pretty down to earth. He ownly had a few people around him and non of them looked very bodyguard like.

Simons is a trendy place that you must visit if you are in Copenhagen. It costs 100 kr to get it, which I think is too much. Anyway, I guess it's to make it more exclusive. You shouldn't be there earlier than midnight as the place will be more or less dead.
They only have 8 cocktails on the menu (120 kr.) and only two kinds of shots (30 kr.).
You will see a lot of celebs, rich guys in white shirts, navy blue blazers and colourful ties who think they own the world and girls who wants to date them simply because they have money.

Store Strandstræde 14
1255 Kbh K
Copenhagen, Denmark

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