tirsdag den 19. oktober 2010

End of competition

What a failure! Not even one entered the competition. I don't know if it was the terms, the prize or just that my blog is so dead borring that nobody wanted to enter. Don't really feel like going on with the blog. I like spending time on posting things here, but in the end it's not really fun without comments from other people. Not sure what to... so on, change something or end the life of my blog...

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  1. nelly,nelly,nelly!!!
    im sorryy that people got caught up with life to participate.
    your blog is amazing girl.dont give up on it.
    There is just so much compitetion amongst blogs that it turns out that most people who read them are ones people who want to out do the other.
    when im at work and to relax i wuold, some time back,go on your blog. but now im so caught up in doing work out of my desk that i barely go online.ever!
    i never comment on blogs cause i dont have one myself and just felt that comments should be from one blogger to another.
    but it really broke my heart to know that how you feel.
    get more peoplepersonaly to get addicted to your cite.its all about getting people to do it not and not expecting them to do it. all the blogs i get into are ones that people have time and time again reminded me in person to check out. i dont know if that helps at all to make you feel better about still blogging.but all the best dear.

  2. get other bloggers who have the same blog style to blog about you as well--make friends with them :)...that really helps to get circulation

  3. Thank you for the kind words! Really warmed my heart. Yeah, I just don't like to put links to my blog all over the internet, like some people do, just to get more followers.

    Anyway, thanks a lot again.


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