tirsdag den 5. oktober 2010

Chanel's Paradoxal

Argh!!!!!! My cousin gave me Chanel's new Paradoxal nail varnish as a good-bye gift. I was trilled, as I normally am a sucker for Chanel's products. Paradoxal's quality turned out to be worse than cheaper brands such as H&M. I applied it in the evening, slept, went to shower in the morning and boom! big parts of the polish on all the nails were gone. What a shame. This shouldn't happen when you pay a great amount of money for the product.

When it comes to the colour itself, I have to say I'm in love. It is difficult to explaine how exactly it looks. In the container it has some kind of perly-metallic purple effect. But on the nails, it looks really dark and mat. But that is just untill you take a closer look- then you'll see small blue and pink particles.

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  1. I love this! And I may have found a dupe...

  2. Oh tell me! Barry M's Dusky Mauve?

    Take care


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