mandag den 6. juni 2011

E.L.F Lipstick

I've got three elf lipsticks: Posh, Classy and Gypsy. They are from the cheaper line, not that any of elf's products aren't cheap. You get 3,5g for  £1,50.

The packaging looks very cheap. It looks too plastic and I'm not a fan of the see through plastic that contains the actual lipstick. I don't like that I can see it smudging inside.

The lipstick itself is great. The product has a high pigmentation. Especially the dark red Posh. I still have traces of red on my arm from yesterday after taking soem shots of it. The lipstick feels soft on the lips. But it's not as soft when applying. They are all sheer, but not lipgloss-like.

The product stays on a long time. First day I tried the pink Gypsy it lasted more than three hours on my lips. I showered and had something small snackish to eat- no drinks. The second day it lasted me two hours as I had a big dinner and drank water. It is not kiss proof. The boyf had it all over his face after testing :-)

The website says it doesn't have a smell. Well, even perfume free products have a smell and I never like those non-smell smells. It smells kind of cheap. Like the makeup you can buy in toy stores for children.

Conclusion: BUY IT. But don't pull it out of your purse when in fancy surroundings ;-)

Scandinavian readers (or those of you who want to see it on the lips) can visit my youtube profile for a review in Danish:

From left: Posh, Gypsy and Classy.

-Posh is a deep dark red. I love it. It's so classy and sexy.
-Gypsy is a cool pink color. I think it looks great with my summer tan. My boyfriend preferes Gypsy.
-Classy is a very light cool pink/purple kind of color. It's more on the nude side now that I have a tan.

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