mandag den 23. maj 2011

Online shopping: Victoria's Secret

No no no! I just spent 1,5 hours on shopping on Victoria's Secret's online store. I was sooo excited as 1. i only know one place in Tel Aviv that once in a while have some borring makeup from VS. 2. that the body mists are so much cheaper online than here. 3. they have great discounts at the moment.

After choosing country and giving all other info's the website says it doesn't ship the items to the shipping address. I tried with both Israel and Denmark without luck. I don't understand why. I did some reseach a couple of months ago and I read about people from Denmark who bought bikinis from VS online. So why can't I? Maybe my things are too heavy? Mayeb the computer system detected I am writing from Israel? Hmm... have you experienced the same?

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  1. Hello...stumbled in to your blog!
    And I know that victoria secret doesnt ship any liquids such as body mist, perfumes etc. Only clothes and body lotions...So you can order as long as it isnt "liquid form"

  2. I've experienced the same. There's all these amazing offers I'd like to use from the VS online store and I wouldn't even mind terribly if they charged me for the International Transport but It just shows that error. Such a tease, so annoying!


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