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WOW Cosmetics e/s

In periodes I'm really neglecting this blog. Partly because I have a lot to do in the "real" world (what is the real world today, seems like cyper world is just as real) and partly because I'm using time on my other blog nellysdelhi2 which is in danish and about my life in Israel. If you aren't a danish speaker and might want to take a look you can use google translate or Babylon. If you are interested in what I am writing on this blog, feel free to comment, ask me questions and if you want me to try products just ask me.

And now to what this post is really about eye shadows from WOW Cosmetics. Back in December I got a little crazy with buying products from this company as the prices are very low and I likes the color pay off. However I've come to think about wether WOW Cosmetics tests on animals or not. I will contact them and hope they'll give me an honest answer.

The single eye shadows that are most pigmented are the metallic ones. They have a very soft/smooth texture and are very pigmented. They are worth trying. You'll get full value or the money.

The matt eye shadows really disappointed me. They have a more dry texture and they come on patchy. You really have to pack on the product to get full coverage. They do seem to last as long as the metallic shades i not longer.

The packaging is not the prettiest nor does it look expensive. The printed WOW Cosmetics on the cover easily rubs off. Packaging means a lot to me. Packaging of bad quality spoils my overall picture of a product.

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