fredag den 13. august 2010

Chanel's Particulière and H&M's Dust and Diamonds

First it was Chanel's wine colored Rouge Noir, that was a must have. Then it was Black Satin. In 2009 you just had to have the green Jade. This year it's the hotly anticipated Particulière 505. Particulière is part of Chanel's spring collection, which features poetic, moody shades, that the company calls "clean, classic neutrals that are infinitely wearable and effortlessly chic."

So the new shade isn't that easy to get your fingers on. Instead I decided to stop by H&M last week. And there I found Dust and Diamonds, that looks like Chanel's new must have color. Since I don't have Chanel's varnish, my cousin Mathilde kindly sent me a picture of her. It was difficult to catch the right shade of the colours, but here're the best we've got.

Essie's Mink Muffs is a couple of tones darker than Chanel's. The best match is H&M's Dust and Diamonds.

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  1. Jeg købte den i går, den er faktisk virkelig fed! den ligner chanels rigtig meget! :D

  2. Ja, det ser ud til den gør. Jeg har også købt en mørkebrun der hedder Espresso Me. Den er også fed. Kan desværre ikke fange farven med kameraet.


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