tirsdag den 8. juni 2010

How I store my make-up.

Okay okay okay I admit it. I have too much make-up. Is it possible to have too much? Or is it just a question of having enough space? Anyway, I got tired of fumbling around my boxes and bags (I have 3 make-up bags, 1 basket and 1 metal box) and decided to look for some kind of drawer-system, that could contain all my make-up. I found the answer in Paris (see picture) or at least I thought I did. I is too small to contain even half of what I have. At least it helped me a bit. I find it much easier to find the make-up that I want.
For now I have blushes in one drawer, foundations/concealers in another, eyeshadows in a third and bronzers in the fourth. But I still have tons of tons left. Oh what a mess! I guess that's what you call a luxury-question.

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  1. Husk at du har en stor familie der kan opbevare noget for dig(:(:(:


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