onsdag den 20. januar 2010

My 22nd birthday

It's my birthday! Wuhuu! I'm turning 22 today. My family woke me up with the danish birthday song and then we had breakfast and I had gifts (nailpolish from Barry M and china from Royal Copenhagen).

It's never great weather on my bday. Today it's snowing- and no sun, just grey tones. When I turned 18 four years ago, we had a snow storm and my mom's aunt from Jutland wasn't able to get out of her house!!! The rest of the guests came a later.

I'm alone untill my parents and brother are back from work and school. I think I will pack my suitcase for tomorrow (I'm going to Israel) and do a little shopping. Tonight we are going to the cinema and then to a coffee shop afterwards.

 Me at age 2 and me at age 21.

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