onsdag den 12. august 2009


The perfect piece of outerwear for spring days and breezy summer nights is a blazer. If you still haven't got one, you better hurry cause everyone (Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, Nicole Richie, Lily Donaldson, Stella McCartney, Agyness Deyn, Kate Bosworth, the Olsens, you name them) is wearing a blazer this season. There are many styles to choose from; the tuxedo style, oversized version, long sleeves, short sleeves etc. Wear the blazer with jeans, leggings, shorts, dresses... and do like the a-lists by rolling up the sleeves and wearing a boyish hat.

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  1. Hej Nelly.
    Ville bare lige sige at du har fået mig til fast læser :o)
    Super god blog du har dig..
    - Julia

  2. Hej Julia!
    Mange tak! Er jeg glad for. Jeg synes du har nogle super billeder på din blog. Altid dejligt at skrive med andre bloggere.


  3. really nice blazers!
    i adore the pink one :]

  4. Mmm I'm so ON the blazers! I'm searching for a navy blue now. Any ideas?

  5. Hey there I love this post!
    you asked me what color eye shadows you should wear. being that your eyes are light, I would go with brown to make your eyes pop. more neutral colors than bright ones. hope this helps :D

  6. Hi Nelly, thanks for your comment! And I was really surprised about the link you put underneath...how did you know that Depeche Mode is my fave group?? Love the tee with the black blazer, gorgeous flower belt...and what brand is the pink blazer?
    Anna x

  7. Hi Anna!
    Thanks you! They are my faves too! The pink blazer on the model is Stella McCartney my own short blazer is from MbyM, found it in a Saint Tropez store in Denmark.



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