tirsdag den 26. januar 2010

Medina trendy in Cairo

The Danish singer Medina and her boyfriend Mathias Arvedsen (dancer/actor) were spending 5 days in Cairo last week. Both of them looked stylish. Take a look yourself.

Anyone up for tea?

Elizaveta Yankelovich from Canada makes some of the most interesting necklaces I've seen. Find her on her website or on Sense of Fashion. Read an interview I made with her here.

onsdag den 20. januar 2010

My 22nd birthday

It's my birthday! Wuhuu! I'm turning 22 today. My family woke me up with the danish birthday song and then we had breakfast and I had gifts (nailpolish from Barry M and china from Royal Copenhagen).

It's never great weather on my bday. Today it's snowing- and no sun, just grey tones. When I turned 18 four years ago, we had a snow storm and my mom's aunt from Jutland wasn't able to get out of her house!!! The rest of the guests came a later.

I'm alone untill my parents and brother are back from work and school. I think I will pack my suitcase for tomorrow (I'm going to Israel) and do a little shopping. Tonight we are going to the cinema and then to a coffee shop afterwards.

 Me at age 2 and me at age 21.

fredag den 15. januar 2010

onsdag den 6. januar 2010

Jennifer Aniston in GQ

I've been usy the last two months with exams and other stuff related to the university. I've got 1.5 week left of this mess. Since I'm so caught up, I dont have time to use time on my blog. However, I found these old pics of Jennifer Aniston i GQ Magazine. I'm sure you have already seen them. But she just look so fab, so here's a 2nd round. Wonder how much retouching there has been done on these photos... especially when I think about my last post. Anyway, enjoy the look of a 40 year old woman in Hollywood.

lørdag den 2. januar 2010

Sometimes the stars look just like us

Sometimes the stars look just like us without all the make-up and prof. people to help them out. Just think about that next time you have a bad hair day :-)